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    Okay, so I wasn't paying much attention and managed to put the battery back into the Pre on top of the black ribbon you're supposed to use to pull it out and now it's stuck. Any tips on how to get it out that don't involve possible phone damage? I've tried earrings, pennies, and butter knives, but that sucker is stuck good and I just got my new Seidio battery today. I need to get it out!
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    Pocket knife or thumb tack maybe? I have an icepick-like tool that I use to do that personally..
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    Earrings, pennies and butter knives is the right idea. Keep trying just don't puncture it. I did that once as well and found a micro screwdriver to work wonders.
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    The animation for removing the battery sugests you press the button to release the lid, and place a thumb-nail between the lid and the case and move away from the button until you hear a snap, then do the other side, and it'll fall right off.
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    Thanks everyone, I managed to press the other side down enough to fish it out with a butter knife. -_-;;
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    small suction cup works well, as does vacuum cleaner hose

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