okay, so there are SO many posts on the forum starting off with "...doesnt work since 1.4...fix it". Many of the errors, users dont realize before they blatantly attack Palm or the homebrew scene, is the fault of the user. there are many guidelines that must be followed if one wishes to delve into the patch and homebrew scene of WebOS and as many of us can tell, they simply are skipping the facts and heading straight into the complaining. (not to say 1.4 doesnt have its fair share of issues). so here's what im going to do:

read up on the official issues with the new 1.4 update:

if your issue isnt listed, then it could be a particular case where a patch that wasnt removed before the update, or wasnt updated to AUPT v3 technology is now causing your phone to malfunction, in which many of you blame on the update. (not all of you though, just many)

read up on AUPT technology:

**note: these patches(even though most are updated to 1.4 now) are not all compatible with 1.4, and are installed rather as a dummy file to be replaced when the 1.4 compatible patch is released. so please do not say, why isnt this patch working, when it clearly needs to be released for 1.4, its not working for any of us.**

if you didnt update to AUPT and failed to remove your patches and are experiencing problems, well, try to remove them via WebOSQI here:
or via preware if possible.

when all else fails and you are still experiencing many problems, follow this post on doctoring your pre. This will return it to stock firmware (make sure you download doctor 1.4) and ensure no patches are interfering with your devices functionality. If you still experience problems after the doctoring, check to see if they are a fault of 1.4 on the first link posted and if not, post your issue, make it legit.

for those of us that don't know how to access the doctor, make sure you have installed WEBOSQI and it should prompt you during installation to download WebOS doctor (1.4). then, open up WEBOSQI and go to file->options-> panic button: webos doctor. or, look in the same directory as WEBOSQI and there should be a separate .jar file called webosdcotor and run that. hope this post will help anyone with problems after 1.4, and will reduce the amount of forum threads based on issues since 1.4.