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    Are there any guides that I can use to learn to program for webOS apps? I'd like to make a few apps of my own.
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    go into the webos development forum. There's a thread with "teacher" and "financial reward" in the title. Lots of information to get started in there. Goodluck! Sorry I didn't get the link for you. I'm on my palm pre
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    If you're serious about development, you really need to know how to search forums, including this one. (And, that's not meant to be critical, but expect to do a lot of searching when you'll run into coding problems. Ok, maybe a bit critical. I do wish that some of the good posts would be "sticky" via the moderators.)

    Anyway, my sig has some links to get you started on development.
    Richard Neff

    My tutorials on WebOS development: Beyond 'Hello World!' | Getting Started - WebOS Development

    My apps: Percent Table | SierraPapa

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