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    Do you think that the pre 2 will be compatible with the current touchstone? If it is compatible, it will introduce a few design constraints. The phone could be larger, but the radius of the compound curvature on the back of the phone could not change. If the phone was made thinner, it would probably be a linear (not curved) slider with the headphone jack on the side. I can't imagine palm ever making a phone without a KB. What do you think?
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    It's an interesting point, because we've all spent a lot of money on the Touchstone. But honestly I think the most important thing is that Palm don't base their new hardware models on restrictions dictated by the TS - they need to build the new model from the ground up to be the best that it can be. It'll be a shame to have to buy a new touchstone model, but I'm more concerned with them nailing the next device form factor.
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    When the Pixi came out it was TS compatible, so no reason to think otherwise when Palm releases a new platform.
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    I assume that Palm wants to stick with inductive charging since it has been well received. If they do, I can't imagine they would move away from the TS
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    I see the Touchstone eventually coming with Palm devices, so I'm going to guess that they will be compatible.
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    curvature, or lack thereof, of the back is irrelevant.
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    The current TS is flat, why would future phones have to be curved similarly to the Pre?

    Which is virtually flat where it actually sits on the TS, by the way/
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    I'm so addicted to my Touchstones... If it wasn't compatible I would buy four new ones all over again.
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    I think we're assuming that the new Pre will be larger than the original Pre and Pixi. Maybe it could charge on the TS by placing it on sideways.
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    I wonder if a redesign of the Touchstone will be necessary if Palm decides to build a compass into the next Pre (which I sincerely hope they do).
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    I think we're assuming there's going to be a Pre 2...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayo1024 View Post
    I think we're assuming there's going to be a Pre 2...

    Well, the alternative is too depressing to consider.
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    I'm pretty sure that the designer backs for the pixi are flat. I do not think that the curvature of the back matters.
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    Somebody point out a current phone that they don't think could be adapted to work with the Touchstone or I don't think there's any concern, because I know I can't think of one.
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    My only worry is if they change the battery... which I am assuming they will... cuase I have like 4 of them and a battery charger... (got a good deal off of Ebay)
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    or they could just add an adapter to the bottom of the TS to sit higher and accept a larger phone, right?

    I would love to see a pixi style phone with a larger screen and with current pre or newer insides.
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    Palm used the same treo charger for ever. I can't see them obsoleting the touchstone this quickly.
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    Yeah, I fully expect all Palm phones for the next couple of years to use the same Touchstone.
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    I held my old Treo 650 up to the touchstone, in approximately the same position, it'd work fine if a new Pre were larger. The Pixi is 11mm taller than the Pre, and it works fine as well. I doubt height would even be an issue.
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    If the new hardware wasnt compatible they could always just offer a new modular that would connect it to the TS.

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