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    I don't mean i can download it and it won't update, i mean, it won't even recognize that there is an update. I click update and it just hangs on that screen seemingly forever. Any ideas? I have one tweak I believe, and thats the battery percentage as opposed to the symbol. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Well, are you sure you don't have 1.4, what is your phone, and what is your provider?
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    I have standard palm pre. on sprint service.
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    i am on 02 uk and still no update. it checks then says phone is up to date.......... *****g annoying as i am still on so whats the problem? have they pulled it or something? its march 4th and nothing. are they slowly releasing it or what? everyone seem to be getting it but i have not so getting more annoyed by the day!
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    well the only thing I can say is download the web is doctor for your phone and do it yourself lol. If not I think a partial erase will fix this for you but its not absolute. Just open device info app scroll down and hit more options or reset options and read the little disclaimer and then hit the partial reset button.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I noticed the update available last night and clicked on it. It seemed to just hang there so I let it go and when I got up this morning it was done.
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    Seems mine won't even recognize that there is an update. I'll give it a couple more days, then do a soft reset and see if that fixes the problem. Just hate re-inputting all my passwords and stuff.
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    I'm with Shadavis08 on webOS doctor and you can be up and running with 1.4 inside of 30 minutes.
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    Got webOS doc at home... guess i'll bust that out soon as i get home.
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    try resetting Luna, then look for the update again. The update takes quite some time, it isn't a quick by any means. Think it took mine about 15 minutes over wifi.
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    I'm with Bell in Canada and it just launched for us on March 3rd but I was never able to download it either. I called technical support and they told me to just keep trying to update in few days again. Maybe ur provider is slow...idk
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