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    Today I got a tweet about an application I had heard about, thought sounded interesting, and then forgot to watch for. Don't know how I missed it (but I did buy it today), but GeoStrings is a really cool app. Basically, a ToDo list based on location, rather than time.

    However, that's not what this thread is really about. I got the tweet, which pointed me to a . It looked pretty cool, but even that is not the point of the thread.

    Looking at the comments about the video, I saw one that caught my interest. For some reason, I can't upload the screen shot, so here's the quote:

    weswomack (1 month ago) 0 Reply
    When do we get the iPhone version? Run it through an email alias to get around the limitations of apps running in the background... papa needs this.

    HedamiSoft (1 month ago) Reply
    If the iPhone officially supported apps running in the background, then I would consider porting it. So for now, you'll have to get a Palm Pre or Pixi to get it.
    C'mon folks; besides the fact that this is an awesome program, a program that generates that kind of "gee whiz, wish I could do that" from an iPhan... well, in my opinion that alone makes it worth $3! (His response wasn't have bad either).
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    That is one of the more brilliant ideas I have seen. Get it and ask you iPhone friends where the app for that is? Ha, I love it.

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    Yes I like to show off GeoStrings to my fellow co-workers (who all have iPhones) and make sure they know that their iPhones cannot do that.

    By the way, the video you posted is one that demonstrates a pre-release version of the app. Check out my signature for the latest demonstration/tutorial videos.
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