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    I've recently found, in the last 2 days, two separate folders show up in my photo app. The first was labelled unknown or something, and had two self-photos of some dude and some chick (and not very flattering, either.) I deleted both. Then a couple hours ago I found another folder labeled "Icons" that had some very low resolution icons in it. 24 I believe. Mostly garfield, stick figures, a hamburger, etc. It was like your standard forum avatar kit phpBB2 style.

    My phone does not have SSHd running, nor does it have a webserver installed. Well, none that I have been able to detect (surfing to localhost errors out and ssh'ing to the phone times out.)

    Anyone else experience something of the sort?

    The only patches I have installed are:

    Date in top bar
    Battery %age
    Do not answer list
    4x4 icons

    Netstat + service
    Slacker Radio
    News Feed
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    Well the photo app will grab any photo on your Pre which isn't located in a folder with a '.' preceding it, and it located in the media section of the drive (accessible through the USB feature)

    Icons could be related to 4x4 icons, or even the NewsFeed, if you open up the USB and see if you can find a folder with a more descriptive name you might be able to ask the developer to fix it for you and the rest of us.
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    I had the same issue. One of the pics of a woman was a racy one that I never received via email or mms. it just all of a sudden showed up...
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    I ran across a thread about this a few weeks ago I think. Apparently Palm left a slew of test photos in the stock files. I think there are more than 100 if I recall correctly.
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    The Comics app adds the icons folder (too bad the dev didn't put them in a . folder), can't say where the rest of them came from though...
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    Ok, good. Here I thought my phone had been hacked and used as an underground BBS or something. :P I'm guessing the photo app, at least since the update, is now scanning the system looking for any type of photo. A little obnoxious but at least it's known.

    And that photo of the woman was a bit "racy" as well. Or at least she was trying to be. Hehe

    Thanks for the replies, and for putting my mind at ease.


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