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    Sorry if there is another thread addressing this issue (didn't see one in the first few pages), but I have the Seiko larger battery which has so far been amazing, but after this 1.4 update I feel as if it is draining faster??? I don't do a lot of voice chatting but usually my battery is at least around 90% by midday and today it's already down to 78% even after a full over-night charge.. Allegedly the battery performance was supposed to be even 'better' after 1.4.. Anyone else experience this?
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    Also noticing terrible battery life since the update, on my phone as well as on my wife's.
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    Accually mine dyes quicker now
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    Yes, mine dies faster. Very light usage makes my battery die so quickly.
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    I fall into the "battery dies quicker" group too.

    Fortunately my phone is on a Touchstone all day most of the week, but when it's not it drains noticeably quicker than before 1.4.
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    I agree with the rest of the post. Since 1.4 my battery is horrible! It dies faster than it ever has. I wish someone could provide a remedy for this. Also my phone is staying on roaming a whole lot more than it use to and I am not getting some phone calls they are going straight to voicemail
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    im having alot of issues since 1.4

    1. alot of calls dont go thru, instead go to voicemail. ive received several complaints about this.

    2. Text messages are horribly delayed, someone sent me a text at 10am, and i didnt get it till 5.27pm. ***??? it happened this morning also

    3. after taking the phone off airplane mode, battery starts to drain so fast, that in about 20 minutes its about 88% without doing anything??

    4. reception is nonexistent, constantly having dropped calls in downtown bmore. what the hell?


    ****ing me off
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    Oh well.. I guess this is something that we have to deal with for the time being until the next update.. I'm not a hater now, but a little disappointed- I just thought it was 'funny' how the email I received from Palm after the 1.4 update specifically says "Experience better overall performance, including faster loading time for apps and increased battery life."
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue. Battery usage SUCKS now. So much so, that I actually invested in the Seidio 2600 battery. Even with that, just sitting on my bedstand overnight drains the battery from fully charged to 90%. Just sitting. That's 12:30 am till 6:00 am. Drove into work today, listened to 12 miniutes of a podcast walking from the parking lot to my office, drained it from 100% (rechaged while getting ready) to 93%. ***? I hope there's a Rev.A coming soon! Excellent update, but at what cost?
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    My battery dies quicker with 1.4.
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    I really wish that Palm would provide more information so we could track battery drain down the the culprit.
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    My battery life is also suddenly in the toilet since 1.4. I used to be able to do a whole day w/o charging, no problem. Since 1.4 I can't even make it through 1/2 a day w/o charging! Today, for example, took the Pre off the Touchstone at 7am. Watched a vid on Youtube for 3 min. Used Google Maps for driving directions for maybe 5 min. Read a few emails, took a few pictures. No telephone calls. Battery at 7% (yes, SEVEN percent) at 12:30 pm.

    Palm, what's up?!?!
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    the pre runs in rev a to check it just put that in ur dial pad ##3836# u can change it to having just data coverage what boost the coverage or rev o what makes it slower and all kinda things. but back to the topic yes battery dies faster but also phone is faster. battery seems to last longer when i play games and stuff but and also when u install Jstop u can save memeory and close down apps even so u swipe them away they still run and in jstop u can swipe them close from left to right or right to left and then they are really closed and drain battery way slower.
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    I'm not sure mine is any worse, but it's definitely not better...stayed the same at best! Could the Wi-Fi sleep setting have anyhting to do with it? I haven't figured it out seems it would be good to keep it on when you actually have a Wi-Fi connection, but wouldn't it be worse to have it on in sleep mode when there is no Wi-Fi to connect to?!
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    Since 1.4, my battery has been about the same. I don't think I saw any improvements, but I wouldn't say that it's worse. However, I remember when 1.3.1 ? came out my battery died super quick and without doing anything out of the ordinary. In fact it would just drain while the screen was off. Turned out that it was Yahoo contacts that was making my phone nuts. I think it would be helpful for everyone to include information such as

    Preware: yes or no
    Patches: Yes or no, and which ones if yes
    Contact: ie gmail, yahoo, facebook
    calendar sync: gmail, yahoo, facebook
    auto locate: (under location services) off or on
    Email client: yahoo, gmail, hotmail, and also how often it's checking for new messages
    Bluetooth: on or off

    For me: i'm running 1.4 (obviously)
    -No patches/preware
    -Contacts sync'ed with facebook, palm profile, google. Default account: Palm profile
    -Calendar sync with google and palm. Default calendar: palm profile
    -auto locate: off
    -Email client: yahoo and gmail, however checking manually for both accounts
    -Bluetooth on all the time (hate having to turn it on and off with my car kit)

    So with that configuration, my phone has been off the charger for 7.5 hours and I'm at 77%. About 25min of phone use, 10 text messages, combined 45 min of internet browsing.

    I hope that helps.
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    Has anyone experienced this with a clean Phone? Either clean to 1.4 or clean to 1.3.5 with update to 1.4?

    Otherwise your result is skewed with other factors and, once again, the update should not be blamed.
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    Battery life for me is much worse after 1.4. I thought it was just a little worse at first, but man does it really chug through the last 50% FAST. I get about half a days use out of it now, whereas even with I got through my whole work day plus a few hours.

    Went from about 10 hours to about 6 hours

    I use preware, I have lots of patches/homebrew/etc. Using the seidio extended battery (the smaller on with regular back cover)
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    1.4 killed my battery life too. I literally can look up every 30 seconds or so from using Web and see the battery percentage drop. It is ridiculous. Some days are better than others, yesterday it was still above 40% when I got off my 10 hour shift at work, the day before it died in 9 hours with the same amount of usage.
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    Same here. Loaded Preware and put on the Smartreflex patch, and now I can go from about 8 in the morning til about midnight and still have about 30-50% power. Over the weekend, I took it off the charger around 8am and I think I went to bed after 3am the following morning, and I still had 37%.
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    I also experienced significant drain on my battery immediately after my update to 1.4. So much drain, that the battery went dead over a 10 hour period with minimal usage. I have read that completely draining the battery is a good thing for "conditioning".

    After I got it back on the TouchStone and somewhat charged, I remembered to check my contacts and calendar Yahoo accounts.
    [side note: My yahoo email gave me an authentication error immediately after the update and I removed and re-added the account. When I added the yahoo mail back, it added Contacts and calendar automatically]

    I went to contacts prefs and calendar prefs and removed those accounts. Once they were gone, my quick battery drain went away.
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