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    With Palm's stock recently falling it has really got me thinking about what is the future of Palm. Palm has such a long history in this field and WebOS is hailed by most as the best mobile OS in the land (if still a little rough around the edges) that I think it is very unlikely that Palm will vanish from the face of the earth. This leads me to believe that unless something amazing happens in the coming month, Palm will no longer be a privately owned company. However, what do you think the magic stock price will be when Palm will be seriously courted by buyers?

    I am betting that around $5 you will see the likes of HP and Dell come knocking at Palm's door.
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    What is the magic number? Well it has to be 42, of course....
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    I'd say Palm has enough cash on hand and/or rash raising potential to stay independent for the next year or two.
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    I think it'll continue to go up and down. I'm sure all it'll take is a good review, or the release of flash and it'll jump up. Then they'll flip-flop again with a new reveal of sales, and it'll rocket with palms announcement of the c40 and it'll steadily climb again, Until Palm's debts come in and then it'll drop again, only to rise again because they survived.

    The Stock market is a perfect example of how we are wishy-washy as people, and dumb en mass.

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