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    Ok, so for anyone that doesn't know my story (and take no offense to my name), I bought a launch day pre and have been problem free til 1.4 when I seemed to have a volume toggle twitch problem. On this forum someone explained that it was a problem that was already there, and 1.4 just exposed it. Now when I started coming to pre central, I was less than dumb about all things pre, but I somehow figured out how to put "filecoaster" in and enjoy all of the homebrew, but not "preware" along with the patches/tweaks. I was fine with it , because I didn't know what I was missing and didn't have the tech saavy (or just too lazy to follow instructions), plus I had no idea what a patch or a tweak was.

    Anyway back to the story,

    I was a little pizzed that I thought I would have to replace my pre Thankfully, I took my phone to my local repair center and spoke to a rep that owns a pre, uses precentral, uses preware and he saw the thread about the glitch. The rep took my launch day pre back to the tech, replaced a couple things (including my rubber USB port cover), and everything has worked since. I talked to the rep at great length and he showed me what I was doing (or not doing) wrong by not installing preware. Late last night, I was able to install preware and I finally discovered the awesomeness of preware and it's patches.

    This past couple of weeks has been like Christmas and I have fallen in love all over again with my pre. Within the past 2 weeks, I got the 1.4 update which gave me video capture (something I will rarely use though), my battery life is alot better, I have dicovered the awesomeness that is preware installed some patches, themes etc.. It's almost like I bought a brand new phone!!!

    First off, I would like to thank the poster who said that it was an internal problem and take it to the Sprint store, secondly the Sprint rep whose knowledge of the pre helped get my launch day pre back to 100 pct.
    Lastly I would love to thank Precentral, it's posters, the Preware people (or person), all of the developers who created all of the awesome Homebrews, patches etc.

    It was fate that brought me here for my answers, so I will make a donation to the preware people on the paypal link (sorry it's not alot, you deserve more).

    Thanks precentral

    BTW, I did do a search and couldn't find a thread like this!
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    HEy i know how you feel the pre is the phone on the market the only phone that can advance like crazy and has the most potential period but be careful the patches and tweaks also can hurt your pre specially when you update your os on your phone you always have to remove your theme when you update and you should remove all patches even so the new preware says that is updates your patches it still can damage your phone so remove them and then after the update is done put them back on since you know how to do it now it shouldnt be a preoblem. and i give you one more tip if you are looking for a app that allows you to use your pre as a wifi modem just search for free tether or my tether that allows you to enable your pre to be a wifi modem or usb modem or bluetooth modem. have a great day
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    It's nice to hear possitive things every once in a while. Nice post.
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    and the homebrew people are awesome because without them the pre would still a good phone but only with homebrew it makes it awesome those guys invest there time to make us happy that sweet it deserves a big big big thank you.
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    IMO, you are so lucky to have had a true Pre geek in your local store. Glad it turned out so well for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by syphex View Post
    It's nice to hear possitive things every once in a while. Nice post.
    I agree. It's getting so negative on these forums lately. Glad to read about another happy customer like me. Thanks OP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by syphex View Post
    It's nice to hear possitive things every once in a while. Nice post.

    Thanks for the positive post OP, I love getting to read one of these every once in a while.
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    Another thumbs up for the OP.

    I actually have had very good luck with the Reps at our two Sprint stores. At the one location I turned on the original "Pre Advocate" to Precentral and patches and he is a big fan -- his Pre is now loaded with patches and homebrew. At the other store (where there is a Repair shop) the repair guy is very up on the Pre and knows his stuff pretty good.

    Even our local Best Buy has a guy there that knows and uses the Pre so he gives out good info to customers. I was there one time when the area Spring person was in the BBy store pushing the Pre.

    Lastly with my Pre, I have not had to call Sprint regarding my phone! The couple issues I have had (what they used to call "provisoning") they were able to take care of by getting on the computer at the store itself and resetting things.

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