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    I checked updates, didn't see anything and i restarted my phone and still i am see the old app. am i missing something?
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    It is the old isnt a new app, its jsut an update!
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    well its not looking anything like i am seeing in these reviews, and i don't see one new feature.
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    this happened to me.... install the "old" facebook app and restart... than go back to the app catalog and in your shopping bag youll see the update icon next to facebook
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    From what I understand, the new version is only showing in the Palm Catalog Updates feed right now...

    So to get it, if you don't have the old version already, you'll just need to download the 1.0.0 version and then go to the Update Screen of the App Catalog (click the shopping bag). From there you should be able to update to the 1.1.0 version.
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    odd .. i found it in the apps list as new, but i wasn't able to update the normal way. i just downloaded the new version from the app list, lets see if that work.s
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    yea that worked.

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    eh app is nothing great. basically a new UI for the same features.

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