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    Hey guys.

    So I checked the update for FB last night in the App Catalog, but decided to update it this morning. I went several different times to the Catalog, and everytime I go to updates, it gives me an error and says It's not working at this time.

    Is this for bunch of people, or is it just acting up on my end?
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    its happened to my 3 times in the last two days. my phone wasn't signed into my palm profile is why i couldn't get into the store. so i had to reset the phone resign in then it has to reload all of your apps after that i was able to get into the app store again. when i used preware to try to get into the app store is when it told me i wasn't signed in. then i was able to reset phone and sign back into my profile
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    I'm not having having a problem with the app catalog, but I am not trying to download facebook app.
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    It happened to me at work. Wasn't sure why at first, but I turned off Wifi and it worked. Then I remembered the Wifi at work requires you to open a web page and sign it before it lets your traffic out to the Internet.

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