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    Anyone ever try this? I was thinking of trying this on my next door neighbors dog. This dog one day will come through the fence it's so mean. All it does is charge the fence and bark so I was thinking of trying this to chase it away.
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    I have used it to mess with my kids, that's about it. I actually uninstalled it and did not have it on my phone long.
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    Probably won't work. Teen repellent devices or software produce a sound between 18khz and 20khz, the limit of healthy, young human ears. The idea there is older folks lose hearing at the extreme ranges.

    Dog repellers use a sound at 40khz, considerably out of the range of even the best human ears. You'd probably only have a range of maybe 15 feet anyway.
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    I am sure that antagonizing the dog even more will help improve its disposition.

    Having two high energy dogs myself I can certainly say that some of their favorite activities are barking and rushing up to the fence. We have a fence they can see through so there is no threat but if you didn't know the dogs they may be a bit threatening (lots of teeth, barking and general excitement).

    Oh wait, they are golden retrievers, there is no threat. Lol
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    I could go with an app that produces the 40 Hz when my dog starts barking late at night (doesn't happen often, but I've had to go down, lure her inside, and shut her dog door to keep her in the rest of the night...not fun at 3am) I can use that remotely. I'll just have to get her a smartphone with a limited data plan...she doesn't need to bark AND surf the web at the same time...don't think she'll go over 25 megabarks of data in a month...

    Oh wait, since her paws might not be able to navigate a keyboard, I guess I'll have to outfit her with a bluetooth headset...this is starting to get expensive!

    Maybe I'll just throw up the window and say "LUCY! GIVE IT A REST!"
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    Just FYI, Teen Repellent appears to be broken in 1.4. My daughter was talking about a similar app for the iPhone last night and wanted to see if this was the same, so we splurged and spent the $.99 . Unfortunately we didn't read the latest reviews before doing so .
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    Its actually one of my favorite apps. I use the 160khz frequency as my default ringtone. Just download the free version.
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    I love this app,,when my kids bug me I turn it on a frequency I can not hear but drives them crazy. Does not work since 1.4 update. I also have sound bomb. I set that off in the movie theater and it was so funny. Everyone in the lobby was trying to figure out the source, I was standing right next to a cop and he did not even know the sorce was right in my pocket,,so funny. It was driving everyone nuts.
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    What's the chances of that app. causing some of the blown speaker issues?

    My speaker blew shortly after I downloaded that app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djmcgee View Post
    Oh wait, they are golden retrievers, there is no threat. Lol
    What do you mean??!! They could lick you to death!
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    I have used the app much and have a for a while now,,no blown speaker.

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