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    Chime in here if you are one of the many who can't get their emails pushed to them if they are on WIFI.

    I've cleaned my Pre, installed 1.4, and it STILL doesn't get emails via WIFI. I don't get it. Is there anyone working on addressing this issue? Surely there's enough people affected to raise a stink about it.
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    I have found that sometimes it just stops working. When I do a restart, it starts working again. So I've been restarting the Pre about twice daily since the update. Not good. It also impacts my ability to use the web browser and get weather on the weather apps.
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    I have a related problem, but not the same one. I can't sync my calendar with Google Apps Premier EVER on wi-fi, not even after a restart. This problem just started for me a few weeks ago (before the update to 1.4). Before that (since the early summer), I had no trouble syncing the calendar on wi-fi or EVDO. I can sync just fine on EVDO, and everything else works flawlessly for me on wi-fi. It's just my calendar that won't work on wi-fi no matter what I do - and I've tried partial erase and WebOS Dr. Palm seems stumped too...

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