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    I updated to 1.4, went into preware to do my updates and did them. Now when I go into preware all I get is available apps, available patches and installed packages. Some of the installed ones don't even work. Is this normal with a new roll out of firmware?
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    Try running EPR and then reinstalling the patches.
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    With AUPT, after an OTA WebOS update Preware will install non-functioning "placeholders" for any patches that haven't yet been updated for the new WebOS version. The placeholders are just there so that Preware knows you want those patches - Preware will use them to watch for updates and let you know when available.

    If you tap on one of the non-functioning patches within Preware, the description page has some text explaining that it's currently just a placeholder.

    IMHO Preware could do a little better job of making the placeholders more obvious - perhaps using a different icon for such patches in the installed patch list.
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    The placeholder statements were clearly written, but I agree with your icon suggestion. Wouldn't hurt, that's what's great about this forum, great enhancements and improvements. Although, we all have to endure a little pain along the way. Comes with the territory, but I prefer the little pain to a stock Pre. Thanks Guru's
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