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    what i can say about is that i had spontaneous reboots only till i had preware and package manager installed. once those were removed no more reboots.
    finally few days ago i gave another try to preware and reboots restarted again. not it's removed and apparently again no more reboots.

    it's not a pattern, cause i read also of people having reboots with no preware installed, but it's worth a try if u have it.
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    I think the crashes are related to preware too.
    I only had crashes after launching Preware.

    My workaround atm is to reboot the phone every time I use Preware. This also fixed my problem not receiving texts and calls or the phone app hanging on launch.
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    apparently the crash is to blame to a bug in webos 1.4, as from the preware thread. but i only have crashes with preware installed, so i guess it's a bug somehow activated by the way the program works. i asked in that thread if there is a functional workaround, cause if not i prefer my phone to stay on, instead of having preware on it.

    any other with same experience?
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