I have a German GSM Pre, unlocked and activated in the store in Germany so I have a German number in my profile, but it is running on the 3 network in Sweden. I have a modified carriernetworksettings.db3 file so everything has been running smoth until now...

I upgraded to 1.4 and restored the carrier database file and I was up and running again including the gmail app.

I installed my favorite patches that I had removed prior to updating to 1.4

My Gmail stopped working. I come to an empty screen and all the gmail accounts are gone. When trying to setup a gmail account again it keeps working and working..... (I have checked my accounts on the PC and they are still there). They are alos still in Contacts and Calender, only GMail that is not working.

I removed the patched but that did't help.

Any clues before I doctor the phone?

If I doctor the phone I will not get connected so I can login in to my profile because I have to change the carriernetworksettings database - is there a workaround for this so I can use the WiFi connection?

Appreciate all advice on this!!