We all know that the european gsm pre is a far far better phone in all sorts of ways than the iPhone - but it will literally save you a fortune if you ever go wild, and decide to take it with you when you travel outside of your home network.

Apples' ethos of treating it's customers like technically illiterate sheep, applies to data roaming, as well as to the basic os, and other phone functions.

Switching data off on the pre, is very easy, and with a patch, can be done from the top menu. And unsurprsingly it stays switched off. So no eye watering data roaming charges on your bill (up to 12$ per mb!!! on UK o2) when you get home, as clearly the only time you use the data functions are when you are in a free wifi zone. And the pre still operates pretty well with no data access, in 2g mode only.

On your iphone 3gs you can switch data off, somewhere deep inside the settings menus, on the device, but you also have to switch it off on all the apps, even those that run in the background like e-mail. As the apps will turn the data usage back on again, without so much as a 'by your leave' - The stories of iPhone users running up bills into the 1000's of dollars simply cos they took their phone away with them are legion.

Advantage pre!!