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    You guys are being played; this is someone repeating the iPhone commercial to you, and then asking, "can your phone do that".
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegame2388 View Post

    1) She says that when the WiFi is OFF, the iPhone can BOTH talk during a call and say, use the internet browser using just the 3G. When we tried turning off the Wifi on the Pre, making a call, talking through it, and then at the same time, opening up a browser, it wouldn't. So say you're at the beach, no WiFi spots, someone calls you up and want to go to a restaurant, she's saying you can check your browser (while remaining on the call)
    It can but this is NOT an iPhone vs Pre capability. If the iPhone was on Sprint/Verizon or any CDMA network, it also could not surf and talk at the same time. The Pre is capable, CDMA is not (although they're working on a version that is and 4G is).

    Quote Originally Posted by thegame2388 View Post
    2) She says that iPhone can multitask for a wide range of applications, like for IM services, since the IM is always running in the background, technically, it's multi tasking so say you're on the browser and checking stuff, and someone IM's you, the little messaging icon will blink/notify you.
    The iPhone can ONLY multitask apple's apps. So if you're listening to Pandora and want to email, too bad. Your music will shut off. On the Pre you can do both. On the iPhone if you want to twitter, im, email, listen to Pandora and surf on the web at the same time, too bad. Won't happen. The Pre can do this. However, if you want to email while talking on the phone you can.

    The only things on the iPhone that really multitask are calling with the Apple apps. The apple apps don't multitask with each other. For example, if you want to email and surf the web at the same time, you can't. If you're downloading something online (on an iPhone) and open your email, it stops the download. So it doesn't multitask between them. They each multitask with the phone though.
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    Girlfriends are never right, what you talkin bout Willis?! :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKinsman View Post
    OK, I have a CDMA vs. GSM question. My boss has a blackberry on at&t and he complains that when he gets off a plane in a different time zone it does not pick up the local time automatically. My Sprint phones (going back to '02) have always done this with no problem. Is it at&t? Sprint? CDMA? GSM? Just my boss being dumb (hope he desnt read this!)
    It actually sounds like a Blackberry issue. On a Blackberry you can have the time set to network time or cutom time. You can change it by going into the settings menu and then date and time. He should be able to scroll down with his primitive trackball (lol) to network time and set it to on. Then it should change automatically.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr2dxtream View Post
    talking and using the internet is like a driving and talking on the phone cant do either 1 well enough to justify doing it in the 1rst place ..
    just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    and ask her realistically , how many time will she do that as opposed to other multitasking scenarios? if that is her main point for having an iPhone more power to her..
    I do miss being able to do this on my iPhone. Many times I'll be talking with my headset and I'll want to look up directions or a place to eat on Yelp etc. It might not be something that I use everyday, but it is wonderful to have when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insanecivicvtec View Post
    It actually sounds like a Blackberry issue.
    OK, so, it sounds like you're tactfully going for answer "C," "boss being dumb" Thanks, I'll see if I can help him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antianalog View Post
    also on a gsm phone, if you are driving you can hear the phone call being 'passed' from tower to tower. The gsm radius is smaller and the 'hand off' between towers is more inconsistant than cdma, which results in more dropped calls
    only in very bad networks, if at all. i never realized that, in germany its gsm only
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    ok maybe this is total off the subject, but im the only pre around my friends. Everybody has the Iphone, so you know we get into it alot, ALOT!!!! 1 thing they show me that blew me away and i had to give it to them. WE all was in the basement and no one had servise, the thing that was cool, is that they told me that they can still make a call, and text on WIFI which we all had wifi in the basement. ,,,,is this true???????
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    1) Very limited mutitasking
    2) No real keyboard
    3) Crappy at&t network
    4) Overpriced cell/network service
    5) Flash not available in the future
    6) Camera has no flash
    7) No removable battery
    8) No Individuality, a sheep in a big flock of followers
    9) No synergy
    10) Big and bulky, does not fit in pants pocket, have to wear dorky side case

    Oh, I forgot the most important thing, webOS!!!!!!
    now youre just reaching. The iPhone is slimmer, which I would imagine fits more comfortbly in the pocket. I wouldnt know because a) I dont (nor have I ever) own an iPhone and b) the idea of putting an EXPENSIVE piece of micro technology with A GLASS SCREEN in my pocket has always struck me as astoundingly stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insanecivicvtec View Post
    You should just grab her iPhone and throw it on the ground. Then ask her how important it is to be able to talk and surf the web at the same time. Then let her do the same to your pre. If you have insurance you go pay your deductible and get a new one while she waits for her contract to end because att and apple are dumb because they dont cover physical damage on the iPhone. lol
    You had me laughing out loud on this one... very funny indeed....
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    Show her the calendaring and email app. I don't believe the iPhone can merge calendars or email in one view like the Pre can. That's pretty powerful and I know another 3GS user really enjoyed my presentation of that when I showed it to him. He was also impressed that it did facebook along with gmail, yahoo, eas and others....
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