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    Ever since i have updated to 1.4 my pre has been bugging out. It seems a lot slower and glitchier. Sometimes my keyboard doesnt work now and the screen doesnt turn on. It also freezes on some apps now. What should i do to fix this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    My Pre is also having a lot of problems after the update. When i try to do any sort of downloading apps or booting up Preware the memory just fills up crazy fast and I have to restart my phone. But then it has so little memory that it won't even let me do that and if I take out the battery and put it back in, it doesnt help anything. I'm trying to doctor it but its tough cuz it doesnt want to respond...
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    The best advice is the most typical advice. Try using webos doctor. While there are no guarantees that your problems will be fixed, it is essential to try this since most people will tell you to try this option. If you doctor and things do not improve, you may want to call Palm. One option may be to doctor back to 1.3.5 and then reinstall 1.4. Don't reinstall any themes or patches until you are satisfied that 1.4 is working for you if you do those types of things.

    You can also try the WebOS repair utility but I don't think it has been updated for 1.4.

    Best of luck

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