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    The screen is nice, but I wouldn't want to carry a Droid around. It's too big for a lot of my pockets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrminer92 View Post
    The screen is nice, but I wouldn't want to carry a Droid around. It's too big for a lot of my pockets.
    I would never carry a phone in my pocket to begin with, but the size of any of the Droid phones is a huge turn off to me. I could not be happier with the Pre!
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    I think it's about how lacking the VZW smartphone lineup was for years and the Droid was the first viable device offered and everyone jumped on it, now that's what they know and push.
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    I work for Best Buy and I love it. Palm and Sprint spent a ton of money getting Best Buy employees free Palm Pre's for taking a piece of cake quiz. I think that Palm and Sprint were looking at Best Buy to actually be one of their major flagships for the Pre. I have sold a ton of them since i recieved mine because of how much I love it. In fact out of the five people that work with me four of us got free Pres.
    when i went to best buy to get my pre back in august, all the ppl (4 girls and a guy) working in the "phone area" had a pre. and when i said i wanted the pre, one of the girls whipped it out and was like "omg i looove this phone! so much better than the iphone!" ha
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    I bought my Pre Plus from Best Buy and the people there know how the phone works. When I was buying it the salesperson was all like "Yeah, I like it. It's a nice phone" even though he didn't have one. I didn't even ask him the question; he just responded.

    It seems like Best Buy is training their employees to understand how the phones work. Its not like they have an incentive to push WebOs or any os for that matter. So when you see them walking around with them or even just saying that they like the phone, that is pretty cool. But again, Best Buy doesn't have 100 million dollars tied up in marketing and pushing a phone.
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