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    MySpace's mobile site is very nice actually (not that I use that much any more). Check out MySpace | Login, if you like it just create a Web app launcher icon for best thing to having an actual app for MySpace.
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    for music... labels still require a myspace page. (For the networking) as they do with facebook and iLike and DigitalRodeo and other online sites.

    What's good about myspace is labels can "skin" it to look like an official page, facebook they can't.

    Personally I use myspace to further my hobby which is layouts for artists... and also I have an account for my MafiaWars.. (HAHA) until they let me mygrate that account to facebook I have to keep it.... took forever to get to level 530! LOL
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    As others have said, the MySpace Mobile site works very well on the Pre. Would be nice to have an app, but the mobile site works great!
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    hey guys i actually made an app for myspace, it's not much it just brings up the mobile site but it does have an icon for those that want one on the launcher only draw back is that i can't figure out to how to get the little spinner icon that comes up when a web page is loading so initially you won't know it's loading til it pops up on the screen after that the myspace loading icon works if anyone is interested i'd be happy to upload the .ipk
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    all myspace and facebook are anymore is people promoting and selling something. Like reading the classifieds.. No thanks to both...
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    We used MySpace as a tie-in for our drumming website, FB was pretty lame at the time, and the semi-pro to pro drummers we wanted to reach all had MySpace. Personally, I'd like to shut it down, but I really can't until pretty much everybody moves to FB. I should anyway, for all the good its doing me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    all myspace and facebook are anymore is people promoting and selling something. Like reading the classifieds.. No thanks to both...
    yeap, and the sad part is that most of the promoting is done by ur dag on friends

    Privacy wise, Myspace is much better. I just never understood how people just broadcast every 5 minutes of their life with a status change to everybody. Maybe im weird, but I like to keep my life private.
    You cant deny that people will make a status change for just about anything, and OFTEN. Same goes for twitter: pointless. Just a minute by minute rant by people. I swear u have to have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on ur hands to keep up with friends facebook status changes (and twitter as well)
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