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    I've noticed after the 1.4 update that my battery life was much worse, in fact straight up terrible. Been racking my brains out trying to figure out what's going on, as the patches, apps, settings, and use are all the exact same as before the update.
    Then today I noticed something odd. All was going well. I got into an area where I was roaming and bam, the battery starting draining fast as hell and the phone got physically hot to the touch. Within a minute of getting back into my service area, no roaming, it cooled off and all was back to normal.
    Afterward, as an experiment, I drove to an area where I'm usually roaming and damn it did it again.
    Anybody got any ideas how to remedy this?
    (yeah, yeah, I know, don't roam, lol)
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    roaming is bad for battery. It makes the cell radio work harder as its constantly checking to see if a normal network is available. The roam only patch is great to fix this, i had to use it often at my old house. If i forgot it i would be dead in 5 hours. Apply the patch and the radio stops searching for a normal network. There is an easy toggle for it and you can turn it off and on without a restart.
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    Or if you're in an area that sprint and verizon (That's usually who's towers you're roaming on) are equally as bad (like inside the concrete bunker that is my house) you can set it from automatic to sprint only from the phone preferences menu.
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    My office is like that, so I set mine to roam only when I'm at work, otherwise it just sucks the battery dry.

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