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    It use to happen very rarely, but now 7/10 times many letters don't type. Of course "i" is the biggest pain. I know this is a pointless post, but I need to relieve stress, it takes me like 2 minutes to send a 100 character message. Granted it's my fault for caring about being somewhat legible and grammatically correct, but I mean i would rather it just be double letter than NO letter at all. Don't care to exchange my Pre Plus just yet, but if I do, what path should I take? Have a few patches and apps installed, I know I'll have to reinstall PreWare and stuff. Thx!
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    I'm not sure about the process of returning... but it sounds like you REALLY need to return that sucker. I have absolutely no issues with any typing on my launch pre.
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    Mine is the exact same way! A couple weeks I go I noticed it happening every once in a while, and then there was a post on PreCentral talking about it, confirming my beliefs. Now I literally cannot type a message w/o extreme frustration. I'm planning on going to the verizon store soon because this is ridiculous.
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    A known problem with the Pre Plus on Verizon, not so much on the regular Pre's thru Sprint. Take it back and demand a functioning one.
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    has anyone else had issues with the keyboard being dimly lit? I have had five Pres and all of them have the same dim light pattern on the keys.
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    No, my launch day Sprint Pre's keyboards light up fine.
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    This issue was addressed with the latest webOS update. Please update your device to the latest version.
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