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    Anyone else's Pre having some serious lag ever since the 1.4 update? More often than ever now my Pre lags when I'm opening windows, going to email, etc.... I wish I could go back to!
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    Yep, me too, and i also haven't had this much checkerboard since before 1.3.1
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    yeah, me three...... Seems like closing apps sometimes causes a huge pause, like 15-20 seconds. I hope we get an update similar to 1.3.5 was over 1.3.1. I remember 1.3.1 being like this after 1.2.X.
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    Nope ... mine actually seems a little faster, although it could just be perception with the new way the apps open. I assume you've tried a reboot? I use the Luna Manager app quite often to Restart Luna.
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    Mine's been bogged down since the update too. I've restarted & shut down and removed the battery numerous times but it's still slow right when it starts back up. I'm going to remove all patches and see if that helps. If it doesn't I'll try doctoring. I had issues with my patches updating so hopefully that's the issue.
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    yep my email doesn't even open anymore I have tried rebooting and it's still the same, other than that it may be the illusion of the splash card opening for a faster pre
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    No lag here, actually is a little faster now after the 1.4 update.
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    My Pre is a lot slower since 1.4 as well. Seemed a lot snappier with 1.35.
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    Doctor it.

    I had the same problem after the OTA update. I doctored it and it zips right along now. I haven't installed a lot of webos internal programs after the doctoring though. I had removed all the patches and mytether, but I suspect there was still things lying around.
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    The only issue I have encountered with 1.4 is this.... standby time is GREAT... but once I open an app or two, my battery seems to drain FAST. I opened the Battery Monitor application and ran it over night. In 6 hours it registered an ave drain of less than 4% per hour. Then I opened the Weather Channel application for a couple of minutes and closed it. My battery drain went up to 22% and stayed there for about 45 minutes after the application was closed. I have this happen for most programs and am thinking there are some serious memory leaks yet to be plugged.

    Otherwise, I like it.
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    Yes, Lag Here. I have doctored it and still get more checkerboard and slow browsing. Screens and phone dial pad lag while dialing. I'm still ****ed that the SMS vibration notification is shorter. Palm better fix this crap quick. When the Hero 2 drops I will be getting it!
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    Actually, my Pre is faster post 1.4. Leaving the new splash screen aside, some apps do seem to start faster.

    I have been tracking the memory consumption with top + JSTop and in my opinion, most memory leaks are gone. I used to restart my phone/ Luna nightly, but no more...
    Have been running for a few days without any restarts, and never got the "Too many cards" error again.
    Javascript memory consumption is around 18MB upon startup, and always goes back to 18MB once all cards are closed (as it should).

    Don't see any checkerboard aside from the browser from time to time.
    Battery seems to last as well as 1.3.5: I get through the day with ~40% left (usage dependent of course).

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