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    Well, about 2 hours ago AIM and Yahoo on my phone stopped connecting. It would just sit there and hang. After rebooting and getting the same thing (I've had sporatic issues with Yahoo before but java/services restart or rebooting has always fixed that), I just gave up and deleted the accounts and tried to recreate them. Google Talk works fine, AIM says "Sign in failed, please try again". This is NOT a password issue, because if I intentionally put in a wrong password the error is dfiferent "Username or password invalid". Yahoo just says "Could not connect to server". Has anyone else had problems with this?
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    Well, I fixed it. It wasn't my phone at all, it was the services. Apparently I got disconnected but they didn't realize I I logged onto both via their web apps, then logged off, and it mysteriously works on my phone again.

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