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    Well, I was in my local Verizon store for 2 hours while the rep tried to "replicate" the keyboard typing issue (look for the post on these forums) so that they could replace the phone for me.

    While I was waiting, I noticed a flier that I hadn't seen read:

    "Buy a Droid and get ANY phone free!".

    How's THAT for a deal?
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    The deal is on many phones.
    You can buy a Pre and get a Pixi free. The Pixi's are buy one, get one free.
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    So you could buy a Droid and get a Pre Plus free ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marshalla99 View Post
    So you could buy a Droid and get a Pre Plus free ?
    According to the flier, yes.

    @DarkCovers - It's true that there are similar deals available where you can buy one and get another (specified) model free. However, from what I saw there were no restrictions on the phone or model that you could get free (except for the assumption that it would have to be "of equal or lesser value" of course).
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    Just curious, but don't you also have to open a new line of service? Regardless, I wish Sprint would do that.
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    you can buy a pre and get a pre free as well
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    Yes, you have to sign a new 2 year contract on both phones...
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    that is why i've said Sprint would be best since they dont have much phones anyway.

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    ATT - iPhone
    TMO - Nexus
    Sprint -???? Hero and Pre
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    Sprint has plenty of phones. Not everyone needs or wants a smartphone though, so the stock is as such. Now if you're talking a phone to call their own...then that would be up to developers in the end.

    It seems like your company has to be almost dead before you get revived with a singular device to save you for a moments times. ATT had the iPhone, T-mobile is way on the bottom of the laundry pile...and yet they are getting that Nexus.

    Seems to be that Sprint and Verizon are the only carriers that don't have to sell their souls to a developer in order to have a great phone.
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