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    Since 1.4 i havent been able to use tweaks for the phone using Quick install as well as return my phone back to previous original theme. Help would be nice
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    time for the doctor to step in
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    I've been to the Doctor twice so please don't suggest that.

    When I hook up to my laptop, open WOSQI, and hit device manager or Themes everything seems to work fine.

    When I try to use Tweaks to reload from scratch all my patches(due to Doctor) I get a message saying GNU Patch and LsDiff need to be installed. I click OK and another box pops up saying this will take a few minutes. All this time the tabbed Tweaks pages are visible in the background. I click OK again and both dialog boxes and the tabbed Tweaks page disappear and nothing happens. So I try again and of course this becomes a do-loop.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Try installing preware.

    Then try to install a patch and it will install the other 2.

    Then if u dont like preware get rid of it.

    Go back to QI and tweak from there
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    How do I get preware?
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    how long has it been since you updated webos quick install? Try that it helped me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfal117 View Post
    How do I get preware?
    through webos quick install. Go to webos internals (all) on yhe quick install then download preware as well as the package manager (right below preware I think) then download and install.
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    Just found the link to help you. Good luck

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