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    Palm Pre Plus is now 99.99 with a 2 year contract what you guy thinks is palm really not selling well?

    I Was doing my own calculation and PALM Pre and Pixi from Verizon and sprint and other international carrier, will ship only about 650,000-800,000 units (150,000-250,000 from Verizon), For this Quarter when they report march 18. I do feel that by year end they will be shipping about 1,400,000 units per quarter, the outlook right now doesn't look good. But i think when they release what ever new handset they will be releasing for at&t, production will boost up, but margin will be low because selling the phone at a very cheap price and Running lots of cash to advertised more the phone.

    Count on me late 2010 will be the year palm Will come back not like apple nor like rimm or android but company will see growth!! I Like Palm future even thought i dont like the ceo because he is a liar.
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    Jump to conclusions much?
    Walgreens is selling the big Snickers bars 2 for $1.00. Looks Mars Inc. must be hurting and going out of business too.'s $99 on also
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    Just passing along what the Magic Eight Ball told me

    I asked it if it was sure and it said:

    So.. Go figure

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