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    Um, idk if someone has experienced this and put it on the forums, but I just ran across this new glitch, which only lasted for maybe half a minute, where I couldn't open any apps. If i touched any icons, it would just bring up the basic info from the bottom, like when you want to delete an app, except no delete button. First experienced this when I tried to open videos. Wouldn't open ANYTHING. It's gone now, but just throwing this out there.
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    Yes, this has happened to me, as well. Like the volume icon bug, it is sporadic. When it happens, it seems like a really long lag. In addition to these, I have a sporadic voicemail issue...when deleting the messages, they delete but the phone icon shows a call (simultaneously) to 47** (play over, erase, **). This I simply swipe off but ***?
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    Your orange key was stuck.
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    I'd guess your orange button WAS stuck.

    Doh, to slow.

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