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    I have a 1.4 Pre on Sprint. I tried to install the new version of myTeather today. The install worked; however, the screen stopped working (it produces images but did not allow "touches" to be registered) when I disconnected the phone from my computer. I just ran WebOS Doctor which reinstalled the OS. That worked, but now I am unable to select either English or Spanish on the main start-up page for the phone (same issue). Basically, the touchscreen is still not working. Any input / ideas before I drive an hour to Sprint? Thanks in advance!
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    Try Doctoring it with 1.2.1, then Doctor it to 1.4.
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    Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, the progress bar only gets to 6% before the tools says that my phone is disconnected (the blue screen that says choose language comes up). Any other ideas? Thanks!

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