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    Bell is really starting to **** me off! This update better be out today, this isn't acceptable at all!
    Wow...why not. What would be the big deal if it was in a week. I've never met anyone whos got so much going on they cant sit back a wait a little bit for a red light, a grocery line, and espesially a pre update.
    Don't do anything "premature"
    I'm in halifax and no update yet....but it sounds exciting.
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    The update is finally available.
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    Im totally excited right now!!! finally!
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    Yup, got it in Vancouver, about 2:15pm my time now. Awesome!
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    LOL....myne's working fine and I'm in Toronto. It wasn't available till late this afternoon even though BELL released it yesterday. U know how Bell is. SLOW,SLOW,SLOWER! :O)
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