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    Any ideas on which of these might be the best for the srceen on a Pre?
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    I've dropped my Pre about 5 times. Scratches on the touchstone back and corners :[ It's not that bad though. I'm surprised my phone still works. I've dropped it from about chest-high twice
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    If you're five years old, maybe.

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    I was pulling my Pre from my belt case today, and it dropped and landed on the floor (about 3 feet). Now the touch screen doesn't work.
    Is there a quick easy thing I can try, or do I just need to head to Sprint tomorrow morning?
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    I've dropped my pre like 5 times. Once i was running and dropped it, picked it up and dropped it again like 3 seconds later with a bounce on the concrete and a kick with my shoe resulting in the pre skidding off into the street about 15 feet. its hurts a little bit every time i think about it.... but whatevers lol. but I've had the clearshield stuff on the front of it since i first bought my pre and no scratches on the front screen. I recently removed it because it was getting old and needed to be replaced and I noticed that the sides of my pre had been cracked and kinda fell off after i removed the chearshield. I had the superglue the pieces back on. I'd recommend some sort of protective cover for the front since the pre is so "slippery" sometimes. :-)
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    I agree with the black touch-up paint. Automotive is better, since it has a lasting gloss to it. Model paint is cheaper (bottle of ye olde Testors) but tends to wear off with use.

    I've always gotten a case for my phones, just out of habit. Pretty much everything I carry around with me is sturdy or covered with something protective, I need things to last. Got an Invisibleshield on the way, should be here tomorrow. That and my generic holster will keep me (more or less) free of damage.

    (the lemon pledge trick works on plastic lenses, I've done that one. I also use Brazillian wax on guitar finishes, fills and smooths out pick scratches and small dings)
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