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    I am having phone problems and webosdoctor is not able to fix them.

    I went to the Sprint Repair Store. They took a look at it told me I needed a "new" phone. They didn't have any at the store, so they will be ordering a new one for me.

    So I have a day or so to grab stuff off of my current phone. What I can do on my old phone to make migrating easier?

    I have copied the following folders to my desktop:

    I also used the "device management" tool in WebOS quick install to inventory all the apps on my current phone by taking screen captures (boy, I wish WebOS quick install had an option to create a text file with all this stuff in it)

    What else should I to make setting up my "new" phone easier?

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    I had to swap mine and saved tha following..

    pics , music , videos and I also wrote down all my contacts hope this helps .
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    MAke sure you do all of this before you transfer the number to the new phone, as soon as you transfer it you will not be able to get back into the old phone. I learned this the hard way
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    its not necessary to write down you contacts as your palm profile backs those up same for apps from the app catalog

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