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    I have noticed that I am now unable to enlarge PDFs and I have also lost landscape view in the PDF Viewer. I am not able to verify if the issue stems from 1.4 or any of the patches I've downloaded because I never checked if the PDF Viewer before hand. I only started adding patches after 1.4. However, a couple of months ago I was able to enlarge and switch to landscape in the PDF Viewer. I appreciate any help on this.

    Carrier: Sprint
    OS: WebOS 1.4

    4.4 icons v4 No Arrows Plus More - v1.4.0-12 - cwgtex
    Disable LED Notifications for Email - v1.4.0-12 - Franz Ruhmland
    Enable Dialpad Vibration - v1.4.0-3 - icederror
    Enable Hidden Clock - v1.4.0-3 - fankos72
    Enable Landscape Messaging - v1.4.0-3 - fritos1406, dBsooner
    Hide Nascar App - v1.4.0-17 - dBsooner, noir, cryptk
    Video Camera Flashlight - v1.4.0-18 - Jason Robitaille
    Virtual Keyboard - v1.4.0-1 - Eric J. Gaudet

    Black Out (Revised). - v1.00 - Fr4nk1yn


    Thanks Y'all!!!
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    Gestures are gone in the PDF-Viewer with Webos1.4 . Duble-Tap to change Zoom-Level
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    Did the PDF viewer ever have the ability ot view in landscape or zoom? I remember trying it out after I got my Pre Plus (Jan 25, 2010) and I was surprised there was no way to make the text large enough to read. No zooming was available for me.
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    Never could view in landscape, Preware offered the patch that gives you this function.
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    Simossoft, Thanks! Double tap works.

    Yeah, you guys are probably right about the landscape view. Though, I swear I remember using the PDF Viewer in landscape to show a coupon I found online for a purchase. In any case, I'm all set.
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    not being able to use multitouch gestures anymore in pdf sucks. I hope someone can help us out with a patch enabling it again. I would be very thankful.

    luckily the landscape pdf patch works again with 1.4

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