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    Hello all:

    I'm bored with my iPhone 3G and have been seriously considering retiring it in favor of a Pre Plus. I've been following and reading forum posts for the past few weeks and I'm firmly convinced that I'll become an avid webOS user.

    I've noticed that precentral sells a heavily subsidized Pre Plus with a two year contract with Verizon. Even after choosing my talk, text, and data plan, I would still have to pay only $69.00 today. Is this initial purchase price too good to be true? Also, have any of you purchased a Pre Plus through If so, what were your experiences like?

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Go through the checkout to the confirmation page. If the price says '$69.00" on the confirmation page, then it's "too good to be NOT true" (meaning it's legit).

    I would assume that it IS legit.
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    way to keep it in house!

    Congrats on the impending switch!
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