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    im looking for a applicatoin just like Evernote (doesnt work all the time for me on my Pre, lot of times i open up note and its just blank, although i can open it fine on the desktop)

    so yeh, any program(thats an app for teh Pre and application for the desktop comptuer) where you can write notes on your pre, and then log onto the desktop and view and edit them as well?
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    I think a 'Remember The Milk' app is on the way (if not already here).
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    Evernote and Remember the Milk are not similar. I Have Evernote and had RTM and they have different functionality for me at least.
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    If you have Outlook, Chapura Pocketmirror is terrific. I use it constantly, but I still use Evernote as my multi-platform repository. When I want to save something into Evernote, I use select all/copy/paste.
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    Evernote is totally screwing me today. I cant even log in with my desktop PC, says cannot connect to server. My phone app seems to connect but the notes i need are all coming up blank

    and yeh i know about pocketmirror, guess i needed to add the word FREE to my topic
    looking for a free solution like evernote is
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    Have you tried ClassicNote in homebrew? I've ignored it since I'm happy with Pocketmirror, but it looks promising.
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    Any updates on this? I created a note today on Evernote and it is stuck on pending uploads. ***? Why isn't it uploading? Anyways is there another application that synchs with the cloud and does notes?
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    yeh thats why i stopped using evernote

    i tried the remember the milk app. its great for tasks and things, but definitely not efficient for storing notes like evernote was
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    Yes. Scratch stores everything locally (in an SQL database) and lets you upload to google docs or send out as an email.

    The download from google docs is suffering at the moment due to a google api bug, but that should be fixed soon, and more updates are on the way.
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    I was thinking about Scratch too. Does it allow you to insert pictures and organize files by categories? Will it synch instead of doing upload/download? I mean If I update a document in google docs can I press sync to update my docs? Or maybe just synch on app load?
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    "Not yet" (tm)

    Every file has a single category and is automatically sorted by that.

    Image attachments *should* be straigtforward, but they do mean managing an entirely separate set of files.

    Syncing is manual now, but I think adding that will be in my to-do list, possibly before images. (I've learned more about the google docs api in the last week...)

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