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    I came into the office this morning and my boss wanted to know why they couldn't reach me last night (I was on call all night). I look at my phone, no missed calls, no voicemails. So I pick up the office phone and call my pre, the pre just sits there, the 3G icon vanishes, but the phone does nothing otherwise, no ringing, vibrating, notifactions, nothing. Eventualy I get my voicemail and hang up.

    Then I pick up the office phone again and call my pre, again the 3G icon vanishes, but nothing else happends on the pre. Finally I get my voicemail again and hang up. Then my pre pops up and says that I missed a call from the office and have two new voicemails, both the voicemails are from last night and the missed call is from just a second ago.

    Has this happend to anyone else, or is there just something wrong with my pre?
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    Verizon has had outages recently.
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    I read about the data on the home page, I didn't think that included the voice too. I'm glad its not my pre that's broken, Thanks!

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