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    since 1.4, I've been getting at least 1 random restart a day. It happens for no reason and is pretty annoying. I ran the doctor 2 nights ago, but have had 3 random restarts since. Does this seem like something that would be a hardware issue?
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    I've had the same happen since 1.4, only mine happens once every couple days.
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    Same here. There's no patern. Once I got 3 restarts in a day. Now I'm 2 days between restarts. Sometimes the pre frozes for 5-10 secs and some days it doesn't freezes. I'm on 1.4 with about 10 patches, all updated for 1.4 compatibility.
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    I have had a 3 restarts after 1.4 and NEVER had one before. My phone would freeze trying to activate the screen from sleep for about 10-15 seconds then come alive and imediately go into a Luna restart. After the restart finishes I always get notifications of texts that I received during the last few hours that I did not come in even though it seemed to me the phone was OK during that time. (could make calls, browse, etc)
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    the random restarts I've experienced seemed to only have happened after a recent Preware package manager update. I also was experimenting with video recording prior to the two random reboots I've experienced
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    Search loose battery
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    I have had a few random restarts and it is not the battery. The re start occurs usually after a text message comes in.
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    same reboots with 1.3.5 but random luna reboots now. Also noticing the lock screen without the 'drag to unlock' image, but i can see my background or open apps behind the lock icon.

    I doctored back to 1.4 and seem to still have the same issue.

    shadow360 has said it's due to the package manager service and preware, so hopefully an update can stop this from happening
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    I've noticed random restarts as well, but they happened to me prior to 1.4. I don't know what's causing it. I haven't uninstalled all patches and Preware to see if that's what the cause is.

    What happens to my Pre is it seems to be freezing up when I tap an App that's already open to activate it to the forefront, and there will be an extraordinary lag, followed by the Palm logo, in effect restarting the dang thang! It's like the memory is all tied up even though sometimes I have only 2 Apps open when the restart occurs.

    I was actually thinking of starting a thread on this topic this morning, so I'm glad I'm not the only one here. Hopefully, one of the geniuses on this site will find the root cause.
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    Happening 2-3 times a day for me, but it's not a phone reboot, it's a luna reboot. I was listening to DrPodder, the phone went unresponsive, the palm screen came on, but the whole time I had podcasts playing still and couldn't stop them. When it came back to, all apps were closed and the podcast was still playing and I had no controls; I had to reboot to kill it.

    Edit: and this is not a "SCREW PALM AND THEIR HORRIBLE EVIL GAMES" post, this is a "here's the conditions I'm experiencing, I'm going to continue to use it and keep posting my observations so a dev can learn to fix it." You all should use Linux, you get into the cycle of "observe problems, replicate problems, and diagnose problems so someone can quickly fix them." Everyone becomes part of the QA team.
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    I wonder - how can you tell if the Pre is doing a full restart or Luna restart if the Pre does it by itself?
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    I have seen this too in the last couple of days. Random resets (none prior to 1.4) and usually I see notifications for a text message that should have come hours earlier, or a missed phone call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TazzyKC View Post
    I wonder - how can you tell if the Pre is doing a full restart or Luna restart if the Pre does it by itself?
    I tell just by how long the reboot takes. a Luna restart takes about 60 seconds or so, while a full reboot can take as much as 3-5 minutes for me!
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    Mine usually occurs after I have finished charging in the morning - I unplug the cord, and it reboots.
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    I thought I was the only one. I happens randomly, and no it is not a loose battery. I have had this since June with no problems. I happens usually when the screen is dark, try to hit power button to bring screen up, nothing, I open keyboard nothing. Next thing I know I see the dot swirling and the Pre is rebooting itself. I think the last time this happened though, I was checking for an update and the screen went black, and I could not get the screen to come back on then it rebooted itself. I guess, every time this has happened, I had been using the phone and had cards left open.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lswartz33 View Post
    ...Also noticing the lock screen without the 'drag to unlock' image, but i can see my background or open apps behind the lock icon...
    Same thing for me too! And also the Random Reboots. My Launch Day pre was replaced on Friday (right before the update), so I basically had a 100% stock pre when 1.4 came out (didn't install Preware until after). Now that I've installed Preware, however, I've had these two issues.

    The problem with the lock screen being gone (and with touchstone, it's the same thing - instead of black background with time it's basically my home screen with the yellow lock at the bottom) only occurs after (or while) running Preware. That I am sure of. And after a luna reset it goes away.

    I can't confirm whether the random restarting was due to Preware or not for me. I don't recall it happening to me in the time I had 1.4 w/out Preware (like a day), but I'm not fully confident.

    Someone find a fix! Thanks!
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    I had an issue with random restarts, screen would freeze and then my Pre would do a luna restart. I was reading in another thread that the OP removed the SR 500 patch and that cured it for him. I removed tmy SR 500 patch off my Pre 3 days ago and have not had a restart since. I still haved 25 patches running now. I know that many of you are not running this patch, but just pointing out that there many different things attributed to these random restarts.
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    Mine is randomly rebooting right now. I took it off charge about 30 seconds ago. Yep its a short reboot so I assume its a Luna reboot.
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    come take a vote on having issue or not
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post
    Mine usually occurs after I have finished charging in the morning - I unplug the cord, and it reboots.
    that happened to me before 1.4 and not since, but i think its cuz i have chipped the thin piece of plastic next to the plug port

    i just dont want to take it back yet
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