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    Same random luna restarts in germany gsm 02 1.4.1
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    +1 for random restarts
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    glad I found this thread - I have a rando restart about once a day
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    just happened to me, anyone else find this completely unacceptable? This isnt a memory issue where the phone crashed, it restarts while doing nothing sometimes.....

    and the most depressing part is 1.4.1 or even did not address this issue at all

    So what, we'll have to go another month or two with a phone that randomly luna restarts once a day???
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    I'm having random restarts too. Last one happened when I recieved a text. Am on O2 1.4.1.
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    I've had about 4 or 5 since I updated to This is extremely annoying. I (through twitter) said something to Palm about it, But may have fallen on deaf ears.
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    I have this a couple times a day after trying to wake my phone up....
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    I just happened again while in the car. I have it connected to bluetooth built into my Prius. I went to dial, but nothing was happening. I got to a light and checked, the blinking Palm screen was there. It was restarted itself. Nothing was open, it was just normal with the screen off. I has now happen a couple days in a row, and only happened only 2 times before with 1.4. I has to be a software issue, not hardware. Before 1.4 or Pre), I never had a problem with this. Palm, if you are listening please fix. I have no patches installed.
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    good thing ive only gotten one random restart ever since

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    happened to me to. i had three this week
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    No restart until now. But I'm not sure it'll stay like that.
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    Have had 3 or 4 random restarts since upgrading to, Pre on Sprint, no speed patches.
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    Happening to me also. Too soon to say if any less frequently.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    It's a Palm bug. Many applications trigger it. People who don't even use homebrew are reporting it. We cannot fix it. We wait for 1.4.1 ...

    -- Rod
    I upgrade to 1.4.1 yesterday and it rebooted today so the 1.4.1 update did not fix the issue.

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    me too. A restart out of no where.
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    I had a restart right after the 1.4. update, but nothing since then and nothing after the 1.4.1 update either. I am running Preware with 29 patches.
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    I was really hoping 1.4.1 would solve the restarts...but NO. I still get them. Usually when tapping the power button to wake the phone. I'd consider going back to but that would cause problems as well (with app and patch versions). Here's to 1.4.2.
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    Just happened to me. Really short like a Luna restart.
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    Same as mine. Random Luna restarts untill switching off developer mode. There is no more Luna restart after Dev.Mode off..
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    Looking for thed 1.3.5 Doctor. I remain stuck with random restarts multiple times daily. Have Doctored 1.4 and with no changes. Have completely erased and re-doctored multiple times. Phone notifies that It must restart, it does and locks in a cycle of booting with the Palm logo coming up for several minutes, fading to black, then back to logo, etc. etc. Have to pull battery with up volume, replace battery, plug in USB to puter, re-doctor, phone works after complete reload of programs, passwords, etc. for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours then forces a re-start and starts this process over. Been happening since first 1.4 update. I'm truely at a loss. Have been reading all posts for last few weeks and cannot find the answer. I keep thinking I missed the answer somewhere and start re-reading everything. (insanity: doing the same over expecting different results) Do not know what to do now. Wife says she hates to see a grown man cry. (Sprint palm pre since release, still on first phone)
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