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    Same here...I had this problem for the first few days after the update, but since then, no reboots. Strange...
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    just wait till you get married then!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Every time it happens, Palm gets an automatic upload from your device, including a complete running process list, the system log, other identifying data for the device, all the wifi access points that are in range, a list of all applications installed on your device, when you started and stopped each application in the last 24 hours, and a stack dump from the error.

    So I think they are aware of it ...
    /tmp/uploadd-upload-response on my device seems to indicate that at least some uploads are failing.

    Here are the contents of that file from my most recent crash.

    Of note:
    errorMessage: Server Throttle Limit of 120,000 reached.
    I hope this is happening because they're getting too many crash reports.
    I hope this isn't an "oh, scheiß" moment.
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    It's funny, I didn't have any of these random reboots after I'd updated from to 1.4. Then I did a webos Doctor of 1.4 and started having all of these reboots 2-3 a day. For fun on Saturday, I did a webos doctor back to and then upgraded to 1.4 from that and haven't had a single reboot since. Coincidence? Maybe? Maybe not..
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamiehs View Post
    Since my last post my fiancee and I have not had this issue... strange.
    Also it seems that the way you make the phone crash is by reporting to your forum members that you issue is gone...

    Not 10 mins after I made my last post, phone and messaging quit, followed by a luna crawl, then unresponsive phone with display off, then hard reset...

    This needs to be fixed soooo badly.
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    My wife's pixi did it today.
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    in one of the other threads on this topic, HardBeatZ said they are looking for more log files to be sent, especially from folks with no preware ever installed. he had requested that people send him a private message & he'll send instructions on creating & sending the log.

    i'd think that the more log files they get, the faster they can identify & fix the problem.
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    Same here, no reboots since the first day, but I removed the SR 500 patch.
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    #89 - My Pre just did the reboot - This is not cool
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    Do you guys have the 800 Patch or a patch installed to boost the speed? I am having this as well and my guess is that it is the patch. Bc I dont remember getting them b4 I installed that patch.
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    I updated to 1.4.1 last night, got a random reboot this morning when I was on Preware. I do not have a speed boosting patch installed.
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    My Pre has rebooted about 4 times today and I am not running any OC patch. It seems to only happen if I leave an app open when the phone locks and then it restarts when I try to wake it back up.
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    Maybe the problem lies when Palm tried to kill an open app after a few moments of non use?
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    I had this thing happening to me... but then I wet to my patches in preware and I had the "temperature warning patch" installed after uninstalling it it's all happy... I have to wait a bit to blame it on a patch... will report tomorrow
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    I dont have that patch installed, And still, Well on 1.4 had the restarts. Not on 1.1.4 tho.
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    Well. Just got my first random reboot with no app open on
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    My 1.4.1 crashes into a luna reboot randomly when using Contacts. Terrible.
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    Yesterday had my first restart.

    1.4.1 Movistar, no patches, no app open
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    After installing the 1.4.1 and put my Pre on the my touchstone it restarted. I've seen it restart a few times before that.

    Edit - Just had another reset using preware, pandora. My phone didn't respond for a few seconds then restarted.
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    Still having random luna crashes after, this was the ONE issue I hoped to be fixed.
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