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    I didn't change the method, all I did for volcom45 was making the paid apps visible so he can install the apps he already bought.

    About the "install failed" error, I guess that's Palm related.. I'm having many reviews for my apps saying "can't install" or anything like that, but I think that's a problem of the App Catalog. Anyway, unfortunately I can't test that app (or any app) because I don't own a WebOS 2.x device. It should work though..
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    In WebOS 2.1 there is no way to update fetched ipk in App Catalog app
    In 1.4.5 there was button for that. Can you help please?
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    I'm sorry I don't own a webOS 2.x device and can't give precise instructions, but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$'$s$ $the$ $software$ $manager$ $now$ $where$ $you$ $can$ $do$ $the$ $updates$.

    EDIT: I do own a webOS 2.x Palm Pre 2 now, just in case there will be more questions.
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    IPK FETCHER <-> An attempt against geo-filtering
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    In webOS 2.1 just hit the 'Software Manager' app icon and the ipk installed by ipk fetcher will be updatable.
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    I download the app from the ipk fetcher, install it with Quickinstall, then hit the software manager, the program shows the update needed, but when I press update nothing happens.... any ideas?
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    Sorry, that's probably not related to my tool. Maybe just wait a little longer, or try a restart, check your connection etc.
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    Today HP informed a few people about the impending shutdown of the official App Catalog feeds. This application uses the WebOS Internals Preware Feeds, and those get their data from the official feeds. The Preware feeds are offline already, which means that this application won't work anymore from now on.

    I wanted to offer a convenient and easy method to circumvent the geo filters. Without the feeds, I can't. However, HP did say that in the near future geo filtering won't be an issue anymore for new devices. We will see how that turns out.. I guess legacy devices are out of luck.

    You can probably still use the new DummyMaker from michael.schumacker: Link. However, you have to know the app-id of the app you want to install.

    Thanks to all users!
    IPK FETCHER <-> An attempt against geo-filtering
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    You can also use Impostah if you know the appid.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Perhaps HP could set up a Piracy Channel feed.
    In case anyone may misunderstand your comment, neither IPK Fetcher or Impostah have any relationship to piracy.

    -- Rod
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    Impostah is still available to legitimately bypass geo-restrictions.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Impostah is still available to legitimately bypass geo-restrictions.

    -- Rod
    Geo restrictions rank number one on my hate list currently.
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