Just in case you haven't seen this before...

WebOS Quick Install (WOSQI) and Preware Guide for Dummies [Like You ]

1. On your *desktopOS*... Verify Java (if already at 1.6, or "Version 6", skip to step 2).

  • For Mac Users:
    • If running a version of OS X prior to 10.5 Update 1 (which doesn't support Java 1.6), then you'll want to try SoyLatte.
    • Also, run /Application/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences. Click and drag "Java SE 6" to the top of both lists and exit the program. This sets Java 1.6 as the default version.

2. On your *webOS* device... Type "webos20090606" whenever you can see any part of your background (so as to initiate a Universal Search). As soon as you're finished typing the last part, "0606", you'll then be able to select "Developer Mode Enabler", turn the switch to the "On" position, & restart your device. (HINT: Konami code also works, from Universal Search menu, in order to display Dev Mode icon -- "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart")

3. Create a folder anywhere on your desktopOS, then download WebOS Quick Install (WOSQI) v3.0 to that folder. You can always verify that you have the newest version by checking out the first post of the WOSQI thread.

4. Plug in usb, then select "Just Charge".

5. Run WOSQI for the first time...
  1. Right-click the .jar file and select "Open With > Java..." (if this works, skip to step b)
    • Vista & Windows 7 just require a typical double-click.
    • Perhaps this command line will work if you're having trouble:
      java -jar WebOSQuickInstall.jar
  2. WebOS Doctor will automatically be saved in the folder you created earlier.
    • Also, make sure that you DO NOT run the Doctor; WOSQI will run the Doc only if/when you need it to restore your phone back to factory settings.
  3. Open WOSQI again and choose "USB Device" when prompted. Also, select "Show DevMode app in launcher" from that same Options window, then "Close".
  4. The Novacom drivers will automatically be ripped from the Doctor and [hopefully] installed to your desktopOS... and your desktopOS will possibly need to be restarted at this point [especially if it's Windows]. This is the point where the majority of problems will occur, if at all.
    • Windows Vista and 7 users will possibly need to disable their firewall in order to install Novacom.
    • After a restart, Windows users can verify Novacom is running by going to Start > Run... > "services.msc" & looking for "Palm Novacom". If it's not there, you'll need to reinstall Novacom.
    • To reinstall Novacom, in WOSQI, go to "File" > "Options" > "Attempt Novacom (re)installation", then restart your desktopOS.
    • 64-bit Windows 7 users should actually be fine with the version of Novacom included with the newest Doctors ( and newer). Simply run the newest Doctor until Novacom appears to have been installed. DO NOT click the last "Next" that informs you to "Connect your phone directly to your computer with your USB cable". In fact, it would probably be best to keep your phone unplugged during this step. Again, a restart might be necessary for Windows users.
    • 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10 users will need to come up with a solution and post it here.

6. Install both Preware and Package Manager Service (PMS)...
  1. Click the icon with the blue down arrow on the main WOSQI screen.
    • If you hit an error during this step, now would be the time to read the troubleshooting guide... otherwise, CONTINUE. You should have no problems if you make it this far without error(s).
  2. Click the drop-down button to select the "WebOS-Internals (all)" feed.
  3. Click the name of the app to find more information on it.
  4. Click the checkbox to the right of the app to select it for download. Now, select both Package Manager Service (PMS) & Preware.
  5. When finished selecting apps, click "Download", "Close", and "Install!".

7. Thanks for playing. Enjoy the REAL webOS!

(Continue on for VERY important notes that should only take a couple extra minutes to get across, maybe after you're done freaking out about how awesome your phone is now.)

8. Now that you know how to install apps from the feeds...
  • Installation Options
    • You can install other apps using the same method in WOSQI if you'd like, but you could use Preware to do everything OTA while you're AFK. But if you already know what you want after you've Doctored your Pre... WOSQI is clearly quicker, as the name implies. They each have their places for sure.

  • Tweaks
    • Explore the rest of WOSQI. Make sure to check out the "Tweaks" listed under the "Tools" drop-down menu. Some tweaks are not available in Preware, such as iPhone user agent switcher, Web browser ad blocker, & Improved auto-correct dictionary. At the same time, I would not touch any tweaks on the premise that they're "closed-source patches"... but to each his own.

  • Alpha Patches
    • If you absolutely must have some super-new feature in development on the forum or actually care to be an alpha/beta patch tester, you can install these .patch files found on the forum. You can save a .patch file to your computer, and then in WOSQI click the "+" button to add it and then click Install. Done! When these patches are accepted into Preware, it *might* be best to uninstall the alpha patch and reinstall it using either WOSQI or Preware so that the Package Manager can automatically handle your updates for the patch.

  • Removing Packages
    • Similar to installation options, you can use both WOSQI and Preware to remove packages. To remove packages in WOSQI, simply go to "Tools" --> "Device Management", while the phone is plugged into the USB port... and all installed packages/patches will be listed to select from.

    • It's also important to know that you will need to remove certain things before each WebOS update, and you have to remove them in a certain order:
      themes -> tweaks -> patches. Themes and tweaks will need to be removed manually, but you can accomplish this last step (removing patches) automatically by downloading & running Emergency Patch Repair (EPR). The WebOS Repair Utility should *only* be run as a LAST RESORT if EPR does not work for you. If you only use patches, then you can possibly do this after an update if you somehow forget that YOU NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE EACH webOS UPDATE.

9. Donations to rwhitby with WebOS-Internals, Jason Robitaille with Canuck Software, and countless other devs are obviously encouraged. You know you wouldn't really love your Pre if it weren't for them, so give it up.