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    Anyone else notice how sometimes the pre will get stuck on a splash screen? This happened to me when I clicked the phone never use to hang.
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    Yes, i sometimes get this as well. If i flick the splash screen away and then try it again it will work. I've also had it on the wifi settings app and calendar app.
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    Yes, the phone dialer, happened to me 3 times already... Grrr
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    I usually don't even get a splash screen with the dialer. It just comes up immediately. This is new for me in 1.4 and I am loving it.
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    Sometimes for me, the flash screen remains open as if it were a separate card. Then I have the app and flash screen cards open. I have to swipe the flash screen away in order for it to go away.

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    I'm so glad someone else has this issue. I doctored my phone to try and fix it and it didn't fix the issue. It is pretty major because although you can flick away the splash screen card and relaunch the app to fix the issue... I have missed phone calls because I think the phone couldn't get past the launch screen so I will out of nowhere get a voicemail with my phone receiving full signal. This happens to me with the call app, calendar, and random other palm apps. I hate this 1.4 update... it has made my phone almost unusable because of this since I keep missing calls and not being able to load apps properly.

    Plus, they didn't fix the character input with the QUERTY keyboard so I randomly put in too many characters.
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    Have not noticed this on my Pre, while I did miss a few calls right after the update, but that was due to a patch (no alerts during calls) not working with the 1.4 update, I have not missed any calls from this issue.

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