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    Our family contract ends this month with AT&T and we're going back to Verizon. I'm looking at either Palm Pre Plus' or Androids for my wife and I.

    My wife is very non-technical and is currently using a basic clam-shell phone. I've convinced her that moving to smart phone will make her life easier and more organized. Her main concern is that it will be difficult for her to use as a phone. She doesn't care about browsing and apps and other cool smartphone stuff like me, she just wants to make phone calls and send texts, at least in the begining, she'll grow into the other stuff in time.

    So anyone else know someone like my wife (major non-techi) who was able to easily move from a basic phone to the Pre/Pre Plus?


    David B.
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    Take her to a good Verizon store and let her get 'hands-on' with the Pre and Pixi (live models). Make sure she takes her time. If she only cares about calls and text, primarily, the Pixi might be the better fit.
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    I think she'd enjoy the Pixi more than the Pre if she's coming from a basic clamshell especially if she wants the ease of texting and an easier learning curve. She also won't appreciate the bigger screen if she's not browsing, but she can still do the cool things you want her to do.
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    David; she might really enjoy a Pre if you're putting in some time customizing it. I missed what phone she's coming from, but an out-of-the-box Pre would likely be missing at least a few of the features she may be used to.

    Has she used yours? Was she comfortable w/ the slider vs. Whatever she had, as well as other Pre-specific features? Even though she doesn't do lots of extra stuff on her phone, she'll probably like the esthetics of the Pre.

    Good thing there's a return window, though, just in case.
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    my fiancee is not very technical, she used to have an old samsung flip phone and swore by texting by dialing by numbers lmao or old t9 wow.....

    then, i told her it's time for her to get a new phone and leave that pos behind. At the time I had my centro and she didn't like the keyboard, i said look palm pre has same keybaord just give it a try i know it will grow on you.

    I ended up buying her a pre because, why get her a pixi for a couple of bucks more you can get her a pre. and now she loves the phone and the keyboard lmao..

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    wife loves here pre, and she is not nearly as heavy a user as I am.
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    my wife got a Pixi cause she didn't like my Pre's slider. At 28 days I asked her if she was happy or wanted to exchange for a Pre - she was very happy. About a week later she got Pre(nis) envy. She loves her Pixi but wishes she would have gotten a Pre. Go for the Pre! Btw - if she's not tech savy imho the Pre is much more intuitive than the droid but watch going to a verizon store. They might very well hard sell the droid.
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    I am on sprint and love my Pre so my wife decided to see what the hype was about when the battery in her Dare Exploded. We were looking at the Droid (she hated the keyboard and size) The Pre (did not like the fact that it is a slider) The Pixi (loved the phone and thought the keyboard was better than the Pre). She decided to go with the Pixi for the sleek form factor and the lack of slide as well as the fact that she thought WebOS is very easy to use.

    3 weeks later she now has the Pre. Lesson... get a Pre in the long run the features the Pixi is missing (the sims, flash support, LED Torch) will catch up and even though she loved her Pixi the Pre was just a better phone.

    P.S. She loves the Pre even more than she loved the Pixi
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarkman View Post
    Our family contract ends this month with AT&T and we're going back to Verizon.
    Do yourself a favor and take a look at Sprint. Better customer service and cheaper calling plans.
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    Here is my 2 cents. If she's not real technical with phones, I think the Pre/Pixi will be "easier" for her to use versus android.
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    OP based on what you said, I'd say that the Pre or Pixi would fit her. Just take her to a V store so she can play around with both and Android. If you choose to get one of the Palm phones go to Best Buy and buy it.

    The one thing you keep hearing over and over about Android from tech reporters is that it is it has a very 'technical' feel to it. Those same writers have also said that WebOS and the Iphone OS are very easy to use and learn and are every inituative.

    I've used all three. I find that Iphone and WebOs are similar in some ways but are much prettier than Android. Just have her tryout Android and WebOs and let her see which one she likes.
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    I had a Pre (have a Pixi now), my wife has a Pixi. She hated my Pre. Loves her Pixi. If she is non techie, she won't care about the extra processor power or the 3d gaming.
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    i talked to a woman that works at a carrier in marketing who owned a pre. she didn't like it at all, was confused by UI. can't understand that.
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    do as jephdood suggests, take her to a verizon store and let her try them both out. she is bound to like one of them, i dragged my non-techie wife with me to sprint on day 1 for the palm pre (from an old verizon crap flip phone) and she absolutely loved it, even back then. she loved the contacts with pictures, facebook w/ easy picture uploads, email and web. and she has not even really started playing with apps yet. the pre is small, sleek, and light.

    i would lean towards the pre because of the extra space and memory so she will never complain about anything goofy going on memory-wise and when flash comes out for the pre only this month or next, she won't be asking why she can't get it too.
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    I would def get her the Pre. The memory alone makes it worth it.

    I was a die hard winmo fan. I mod a site that is leans very heavily towards winmo. My husband got the pre. I thought it was cute and he seemed to really like it. The thing that won me over was that it truly does multi-task. No start, menu, program, task-killer. You just open your app or apps and go.

    If she is a truly busy lady like me, I think she will be won over by the sheer ability to multitask on the phone.
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    I had my Pre+ for about a month. My wife and stepdaughter were both due for a new phone. My wife had a samsung WinMo phone and my Stepdaughter had a Samsung Alias. they both got a new Pre+ with the buy one get one free promotion. I was unable to be there when they purchased thier phones and I was not home for a few hours after they got home. On my way back home, I called my wife and she was considering returning her phone. She said she didnt like it.

    I told her to wait and I'll show her how to use the basic functions and if she still didnt like it she should return it. I spent about 30 minutes going over how the phone works and some of the cool features of the phone. My stepdaughter, a total non techno-geek, picked everything up pretty quickly and she loves her phone. After another day of use, my wife is now claiming that the Pre+ is the coolest phone she has ever had.

    If you spend some time with them and let them learn the phone it will pay off. Get her the Pre
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    I am a total geek and a female. However, my biggest concern with getting a Pre was using it as a phone. Even though I love all of the cool features, I primarily use it as a phone. So, coolness aside, you want to know about the phone capabilities, correct?

    Well, first of all the larger screen on the Pre (vs Pixi) is going to make touchscreen dialing easier. I came from a Treo 700p, and I found the touchscreen dialing a bit difficult. Forget about using the keyboard to dial. Even though we females (usually) have smaller fingers than you guys, it is still very difficult to use the keyboard (I use my fingernails). Your best bet? Program her phone for her with speed dials or one of those apps that uses contact pix for dialing. This will make the transition so much easier for your wife.

    There is a learning curve. And, if your wife is impatient, this may not be the way to go. But, I do agree with one of the posters who recommended taking her to the store. Working with it in person will make a big difference, but she needs to know that she CAN customize it to her specific needs.

    I hope this helps.
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    Is she a mom as well? If so then Verizon says she will LOVE the Pre... oh wait... maybe I'm a few weeks behind! 8P
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    I got my wife a Pre Plus free with the BOGO through Verizon, and she loves it. It is her first touchscreen/smartphone, and she's caught on real well. I think the Facebook app had her hooked. My vote is for the Pre!
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    I've been a Palm user for years and eagerly awaited the Pre in our coverage area. I got the Pre+ and got my wife the free Pixi after the Verizon release. She wasn't looking for a new phone but said thanks.

    She thought the Pixi was nice but didn't like the smaller format as much as the Pre's.

    Long story short- we returned the Pixi because of SMS/network issues and she ended up with the Pre. One day later I received this text: "I really like this phone"

    You would have to know my wife to realize what a significant message that was. She wants a phone for calls and texts, and couldn't care less about patches and tweaks and toys. She has never "liked" a phone! But this has made an impression. It just really works well.

    Compare the keyboards droid vs Pre.

    Go for the Pre.

    Good luck!
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