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    i talked to a woman that works at a carrier in marketing who owned a pre. she didn't like it at all, was confused by UI. can't understand that.
    You answered your question. She's a marketroid. They live in a different world.
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    My sister thought the Pre was too "cool" for her and she couldn't get into the gestures, touchscreen and hated the slider. the lack of battery life positively killed it for her and she went back to Blackberry.

    If you think your wife won't be into it, she probably won't be...
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    My girlfriend was very anti-smartphone for a long time. She was amused at my excitement over the Pre's release back in June and kinda laughed at me for being first in line hours before the Sprint store opening to make sure I got my new phone on launch day. All that changed when I got home and she got a chance to see the phone in action. Two days later, she dumped her Verizon phone and switched to a Sprint Pre. She LOVES it. She never had a desire to browse the web on her phone.. until the Pre... she never had a desire for "apps".. until she discovered the crossword puzzle app and Flixster for the Pre.. she never thought to actually USE the camera function in her phones.. until she got the Pre

    You get the idea
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    Got my Palm on Sprints launch day, took it home, the wife like it but her nails were to long for the keyboard and was not to sure about the touchscreen. She is coming from a Palm P755, so after a couple of weeks she asked for one, we got it and have never looked back.

    Question, if she is a mother, the calendar really sold it for her, we have 4 kids, 2 Palm Pre's and 2 Pixies in our house. Using the calendar she knows what the children have on there schedule and what I'm doing at work. We used to have to spend an hour every Sunday going over the week's pick-ups and drop offs on our phones. Now we have our time back, the kids only push there calendar's and they only see there schedule.

    Also my runs her own small business, she can handle multiple Exchange accounts was the really big seller to her.
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