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    my experience this weekend leaves me with more insight into how the pre is viewed outside of this forum, which has turned into my second home.

    I was @ a bachelor party for my brother, and we had 20 guys there. We had about 8 of us engineers. Of the eight, one had an android, I have a pre, and the others had iphones.

    so we start talking tech for a little while, and it started with my brother showing me his new iphone, which he jst bought. I was flabbergasted, and said 'How, and why, did you buy that?' the answer from him, and the backup from all others, was 'The pre is slow, laggy, isn't even on par with the iphone in apps. 3GS is much faster..'

    the andriod guy actually support me, and said webOS is superior, but not well supported. Then a non-engineer with a palm centro chimes in 'i haven't gotten a pre because of the hardware issues and incompatibility with my current programs. If i'm jumping ship, i'm getting a hero or Andriod based machine'.

    then I go to best buy, and talk to the mobile guy. He said the pres were flying off the shelves until the hero came out. He still sells a lot of sprint pres, but almost no verizon pres. I ask him why, and he says it's not suporrted all that well, and HE DOESN't KNOW THAT MUCH ABOUT IT. What??

    so, in summary, i'm distraught that it's not looking good. When I had a palm treo 650, EVERYONE knew what it was and acknowledged it was great, even though it might not have been. Now, the pre is great, but terrible word of mouth and news have sabotaged it.

    palm needs to perfect the webOS and license the software to othet manufacturers soon. That's their last hope, imo.

    also, I want to thank everyone on this board. This is one of the best communities on the internet. And I own a Mac and frequent apple sites all the time.
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    I agree with that 100%^

    I still havent been able to convince a single person.. friends and family alike.. I am pretty good at talk... turned a bunch of people to nudism.

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    i've convinced quite a few people and they're all happy after getting the thing I have started to notice...people are now asking "how do you like your palm pre" when they see my phone, as opposed to before "hey what phone is that?" So word is getting out...slowly, but it's improving
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    Any potential Pre buyers would be put off if they read the threads on Precentral.
    Maybe there should be a separate section for homebrew Pre hackers to post their idiosyncratic bugs.
    In the main forum, the hacked bugs give any prospective buyers the impression that the Pre is a mess.
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    I agree that preware doesn't help sale to joe six-pack plumber.

    My friends have seen me go through 7 phones... and says there are no good apps (basically all the virtual reality google apps)

    My iphone friend only really uses facebook.. won't even start with him. (not yet atleast, new FB app plz come soon)

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post

    My friends have seen me go through 7 phones... and says there are no good apps (basically all the virtual reality google apps)
    That is exactly where I am, although most of my Iphone/RIM wielding friends all find something they like in WebOS, the fact that they have seen my go through 5 phones (6th one coming when I get to a sprint store) has only landed me at the **** of their jokes. My friends will agree with me that they prefer webOS to all others; however, they constantly use the lack of app suppourt and hardware issues as ammo to bash the pre. Hopefully all of these issues will be fixed, or if not we have the "C40" to look forward to.
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    Yea def agree with you on that "perception". In that people I talk to, or try to "push" the Pre on, because i like it so much and find it to be extremely useful in everyday life, dont end up getting it.

    They would still prefer a blackberry, android or iphone. once again "perception". however everyone that I talk to that has a Pre (and isnt on the 4th(like me) or 5,6 and 7 like you guys) loves the s--t out of it.

    i hope they keep with the updates and don't just jump ship to a new version or new phone right away. I mean, I am eligible for a upgrade come July, but considering this is my 4th. it gets a little tiring, transferring your phone book after you have to reset it and then end up getting a new one anyway. (mostly speaker problems)

    anyhow, apple has built up a loyal following after a lot of people got tired of using windows or found it too difficult and the ipod made the crossover very easy and appealing. and i agree:

    "however, they constantly use the lack of app support and hardware issues as ammo to bash the pre"

    my iphone coworkers always have to show me they're stupidly mind numbing new game they just downloaded for free on they're hacked iphone. The iphone's an entertainment center and the Pre is a workhorse, and the perception and reputation they have built up since the Pre release hasn't helped much. with all the defective Pre's and lack of support.

    sidenote: i have faith in that give webOS some time, and it can make make that iphone look like what it is, a kids toy. just hope palm knows what to do with it
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    The perception is that things in webOS Land are like they were on Day 1. That's what the perception is.

    The Sprint reps have no clue that the App Catalog has 2,000 apps. They have no clue that it's a ton faster with more features and way better battery life. They just have no idea. And of course, they're not gonna use the OTA updates as a selling point to customers (It was actually my selling point... "Your phone will give you new features every other month for FREE. Does that sound like the type of feature you'd like in your phone??") Then you've got the rest of the people in the world who don't even care about phones, and of course, they just know that the Pre has issues. They couldn't specify anything in particular... but they know.

    And THIS is why Apple did what they did in not opening the App Store until a year after launch. They wanted to do it one way - the right way. Make one device for one carrier, don't release the SDK until it's READY!! People can b!tch about there being no app store, but they were never offered/promised 3rd party apps... so Apple gives them NO RIGHT to complain about that for the entire first year!! Then they bring it, and there's only one direction they can possibly go -- up! They under-promise and over-deliver.

    Palm does the opposite, but at the rate they're developing... webOS will be golden before we know it. The only problem is that at the rate they're promising features and attracting new users (ones that haven't heard terrible things about webOS)... it might not even make it to see its 2nd birthday.

    When people b!tch about the Pre, they have no clue that the problem has already been resolved. They have no clue that we can download more apps than any stock Android phone can handle. They have no clue that we have 3D games, even!! They think Android has all the HAWT games.

    The biggest failure when it comes to webOS is the perception that it doesn't change.

    The best realization of webOS is that it changes all the time, however. People need to understand that webOS today is nothing like it was on June 6, 2009. And webOS tomorrow can only be more refined, better in every way.

    Look at the HTC Hero, on the other hand... and it's no different from the day it got there. And it's very likely that it will only see one update over the course of its lifespan. Must really suck to be an Android user for 1 to 2 years watching webOS users get updates every 6~8 weeks.
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    I don't agree completely.

    The Treo line had things going for them because they were the shizz.
    Right now you have a lot of android phones and the iphone that dominate the market and that are good alternatives to the Pre.

    I was playing with some guy's ipod touch and the thing was SO smooth.
    It annoys me that I have to flinch at the swipe of the launcher... cause it lags so much.
    Overall, WebOS is nice, but needs a good CPU or GPU implementation to back it up.
    On top of that, the hardware is kind of staggering. Flimsy, plastICKY, etc. The small screen estate also adds to the impreciseness of a touch screen.

    However, in some terms the Pre is very nicely made. The Browser experience and the card-switching is nice and doesn't lag.

    And on top of that, horrible word of mouth.
    I can see the Pre doing better if it didn't lag so much.

    I mean... the phone is SLOW. It's getting better in some areas, but overall it's still slow.
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    Mixed bag, really. Palm got known for the Treo line, and at the time, they did the marketing right. They had a well-known PDA lineup, anybody who was anybody used one over a PocketPC (although I had a Toshiba and it worked well). They hit with a full keyboard brick phone right when RIM was starting to make a push for the consumer market, and it just happened that PalmOS worked better than RIM's. Still not massively huge, they did have to merge with Access to stay afloat, but they'd make that up.

    Two mistakes they made were ditching PalmOS for WinMo, instead of putting out one more phone with their own, popular software. They also failed somewhat badly with the 800w. I liked mine well enough, but it was underpowered with poor battery life. The only reason I got mine is it went on clearance. The other mistake is going almost too consumer friendly with the Pre. There's not much to make it stand out from the was said, phones like the 650 were good looking for a smartphone, solid, you could hand it to somebody and they'd feel that weight. The Pre is too generic, a plain rounded pebble that has nothing to distinguish it from cheapie touchscreen phones at first glance. Making it a slider really didn't go well with the corporate market, sliders have a reputation of failing over time, and they don't want to be saddled with 100 phones that may need to be replaced in two years, rather than the four or five they're used to from RIM. The Pixi is too limited for that market, so that didn't do anything for Palm either.

    Updates? Kinda goes the other way around. People look at that as the Pre being unfinished, where Android phones have that polished setup that (to them) doesn't need updating. Its done and ready to roll. Not a whole lot of people want to be installing OS updates every couple of weeks, especially on a phone.

    I think it'll do fine, has so far. Now they have to get on Verizon's **** to quit pushing one phone and ignoring theirs. I don't get how a franchise could even get away with that........they paid for the phones, they'd better be on their employees to try and sell the dang thing.

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