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    I own a Sprint Centro and am about to get a Pre but I'd rather play with it before I cut off my Centro. So, can I upgrade to a Pre, keep my Centro active and do anything at all with the Pre? Of course I'd not expect to make calls or have internet access, but can I transfer my Palm desktop data to the Pre, can I use the built in programs, can I learn about WebOS, can I connect to a USB port, etc.? Or must I activate the new Pre with Sprint and thus lose Centro access? I'm concerned about going from a phone I know cold (and can use to its fullest) to one that I know little about, so I want to practice a bit with the Pre before I activate it.
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    Yikes, that's what I want but I'm trying to play novice here and not "modify a copy of the Palm webOS Doctor" But, from what I read it looks like that "First Use" application runs automatically, normally. Thanks for the post.
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    Quite welcome.

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