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    Why doesn't PALM communicate with us more regarding updates more frequently? For how many posts there are on forums you would think we'd hear some feedback. Anyone know why
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    True - we haven't heard anything since an update...let's see.....2 days ago.
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    because locking themselves in on dates or features for updates takes too much control out of their hands. Look at anyother major tech company and you will find the same. Anyone know whats up with iphone 4.0? android 2.5? nope. Its how things work.
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    yeah but you think they would at least unofficially acknowledge 1.4s issues.....u don't have to set any dates....make any promises....just a "hey.....well make a note of that"..or..."hey thanks guys for the feed back these are the issues we know"

    what's better....sweeping things under the rug quietly....or being open about it and facing it WITH the customer as a team. Customers have great suggestions and input plus....when you listen to customers, you increase sales
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    They are not absent. Check this out. To me I think it is great that they sweep these forums at all.
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    They don't seem to quiet to me? Check the forums, you'll Palm Tech Reps browsing threads, looking for issues (and they do post in the threads). Also, if you check the Palm forums, same thing.
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    unofficially acknowledge issues? Thats a oxymoron if ive ever seen one.
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Why spell their name in all caps? You know who else keeps development status under wraps? GOOG and AAPL.
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    This is what I wrote in response to 1.4 killing BMW bluetooth connectivity.

    "What I don't get is why Palm is so damn secretive about updates. Why can't they be more transparent about them? Are they trying to generate buzz for their phones? Are they afraid of letting user down (as seen by everyone freaking out that 1.4 wouldn't come out in Feb)? I just can't figure it out... especially for a problem like this.

    Palm has acknowledged this issue on their forum, but why cant they tell us that they are aware of it and will release a small update as soon as they find the problem and test out the fix? Why can't they say we should have this fixed by friday, next wed, etc. Even if they don't hit the deadline, at least we know they are actively trying to work on it. Instead they leaving us hanging wondering if us BMW owners are worth their time? For all we know, this may not got fixed for 8 weeks!

    I spoke Sprint about this and the supervisor's only solution was to flash back to 1.3.5 :-P. I'm sure I could be transferred to retentions and get a Hero or something, but I want my Pre! I have invested so much into it.. it's sad that I may have to get rid of it for some ridiculous problem like this.


    Maybe there are palm tech reps reading these forums, but I haven't seen one respond to the BMW issue besides "We have it noted." That's great that they will probably try and fix it, but when?
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    Yeah, I guess that's why Microsoft announces every patch they are working on and gives an ETA until it's release. Same with Apple. All they do all the time is tell everyone about the status of patches they are working on.

    Ok, back to the real world... It doesn't work like that. Palm has been rolling out updates and fixes faster than anybody else out there in the cellphone world. They've been great about it considering how small of a company they are compared to the other players. The reasonable members of the forum realize that, which why you don't see them *****ing and moaning about how secretive Palm is about patch or update status.

    Seriously, you couldn't tell by the morons screaming about 1.4 not being released on a 'rumored' date, while it was still February, when the CEO said it would come out in February, that this is EXACTLY why they don't promise or guess about patch release dates.

    The sad thing is after a shining example of why that's bad, you start complaining about them not promising a patch on a certain day. You sir are brilliant. (that was sarcasm)
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    As a matter of fact, I think HardbeatZ deserves a freaking medal for patrolling the forums and asking for log files.

    I work in an job where you can't always release information on what you're working on. Both good and bad. You want to, but you can't. I'm sure HardbeatZ feels the same way. If he could talk, oh what a tale he would tell I'm sure.

    It may be frustrating to have to wait to see if your concerns are being met, but hey, imagine you owned an android phone, and you'd spent your time in the forums demanding multitouch browsing. How would you feel now smart guy?
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    Add into the toughness factor the sheer amount of complaints, often complete lack of respect, and numerous threads from people saying they're going to sell their phone and get something Android. That's gotta be difficult, especially when you DO try to help the community, but get nothing but "great, that patch is coming out, when's the next one due after you screw this one up" responses.

    But yep, nobody's going to give a timeframe on anything, patches and updates are tested and debugged right up to release. If they find something at the last minute that absolutely has to be fixed, it's gonna be delayed. Which would you rather, an update at a guaranteed time that half-destroys your phone, or wait a week and let them get it right the first time?
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    unofficially acknowledge isn't really an oxymoron......companies do it all the time buddy.....they don't want to admit things publicly but they will act on issues without making a official public you not live in the USA? Lol
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    settlements for example....
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    Guys ask this question all the time and it is explained all the time on here. It's time to start answering these threads with one post that says "Because Palm hates you (and your dog)!" and close the thread. Do what you have to do to function in life people, don't expect Palm to treat their customers any more special then any other company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by showmrock View Post
    Why doesn't PALM communicate with us more regarding updates more frequently? For how many posts there are on forums you would think we'd hear some feedback. Anyone know why
    I don't know how old you are, and please don't take this the wrong way... but when you go through life, you'll realize the reason is because you can't please everybody.
    No matter what.

    (We can't even please everybody in our own families, right?)
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    Not sure how much communication you expect out of a company...

    Palm Developer Center Blog
    The Official Palm Blog
    Palm | Facebook
    palm (palm) on Twitter
    Palm webOSdev (webOSdev) on Twitter

    Also their own forums and IRC:

    Maybe you want them to hire people full time to post on forums like this one?
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    I'd rather Palm spent their limited resources working on the next update than responding to every whiner on here.

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