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    So since i updated to 1.4 this app has stopped working any ideas on how to fix this?
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    I read that an update has been submited to palm by the dev.
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    Mine was completely deleted from my phone and now I can't it is the app catalog to reinstall it.
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    I have the full version and that also stopped working
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    not sure what's going on with yours. I have the full version and it's still fully functional. Hope it gets fixed soon for you.
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    I also have the full version and it's only partially working. I hope Palm approves the submitted updated very soon.
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    I'm running 2 versions here. V1.0.2 from the Palm App Catalog and V1.0.3 from Preware.

    The Prewer version(1.0.3) stopped workin for a day. The dev had an update out pertty quick.

    The Palm Catalog version(1.0.2) Got update a few weeks ago if I remember right? That would have probably had some thing to do with the 1.4 update? After the update it work just fine.

    Give the dev a couple of days he's a real good guy and response to bugs pertty fast. He'll fix it.
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    Oh dang I forgot......

    For those that are having issuse with Quick Contacts try (and I know this isn't really going to be what you want to hear) uninstalling Quick Contacts and reinstalling it. One of the more restent updates messed up one of the versions and that's what I did and it fixed it.

    You'll lose your setup & will have to set it all up again, but it should work again.

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